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Dr. Magda Mensi DDS

Italien, Brescia

Dr. Magda Mensi is a staff researcher of Oral Surgery and Endodontics at the Faculty of Medicine’s Dental Clinic, University of Brescia, and executive Medical Director of the Dental Clinic at Community Hospital (Spedali Civili), Brescia. She is Adjunct Professor, Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry and Prosthetics, and Adjunct Professor, Surgery and Oral Hygiene, Faculty of Dental Hygiene, both at the University of Brescia. Dr. Mensi has been a member of the Italian Society of Periodontology since 2000. She holds a Ph.D. in Dentistry and Prosthetics (cum laude), and a Masters in Periodontal Surgery and Implantology, with a focus on periodontally compromised patients, under the mentorship of Professor Leonardo Trombelli (2010-2012), University of Ferrara Dental Clinic. Dr. Mensi is the author of numerous national and international publications in the areas of surgery and endodontics, a frequent speaker at conferences and congresses, and a freelance consultant in periodontology and implantology.

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