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Prof. Nitzan Bichacho DDS, DMD

Israel, Tel Aviv

Nitzan Bichacho, D.M.D. holds the post of expert in prosthodontics at the rank of Professor, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University and Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel, where he graduated in 1984. Prof. Bichacho is Past President and a Life Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and serves on the editorial boards of leading international dental journals. He developed restorative and prosthetic clinical techniques that have become widely used around the world. Prof. Bichacho publishes and lectures worldwide on dental implant therapy, fixed prosthodontics, interdisciplinary treatments and innovative treatment modalities in esthetic dentistry. The Bichacho Clinic in Tel Aviv focuses on high-end esthetic oriented interdisciplinary treatments, collaborating with world renowned colleagues and dental technicians.


CDT Valter Bolognesi

Italien, Bologna

Dr. Maura Bracci


Born in Rome on 14th April 1964.She qualified as a Dietician in 1984 and got her bachelor degree in Dental Hygiene at La Sapienza Università di Roma with a final grade of 110/100 and honours (Cum Laude). Since 1988 she has been treating several types of dyschromia through the implementation of professional teeth-whitening techniques. She has taken part in numerous national and international conferences. She is lecturer and supervisor in post- graduate programs and refresher training courses, analysing the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene for a long-term success. She has published several articles dealing with the treatment of dyschromia caused by tetracycline. Since 1983 she has been carrying out her professional activity exclusively at Studio Calesini


CDT Domenico Cascione

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Santa Monica

Domenico Cascione obtained his primary education in Bari (Italy), where he was also certified as a Dental Technologist (CDT) in 1985. From 1991 to 2004 he carried out metallurgy research becoming a specialist in dental metallurgy. From 1986 to 2004 he was the owner and director of Dental Laboratory in Bari (Italy). He is a Master Ceramist and also is specialized in metallurgy, implant work and complex esthetic rehabilitation. In 2005 he  holds a Bachelor of Science of the Dental Technology degree from the University of Southerh Illinois . From 2005 to 2008 he was Research Associate and Program Director, Advanced Training for Dental Technology at the Center for Dental Technology, the University Of Southern California Herman Ostrow School Of Dentistry. From 2009  to 2016 was a Clinical Assistant Professor and Course Director for the Advanced Dental Morphology for the Operative Dentistry Program at the University Of Southern California Ostrow School Of Dentistry. He Is a Lead Faculty Department of Restorative Dentistry –Dental Laboratory Technology Program-Division of Health Sciences at Pasadena City College. He is a Faculty/Lecturer UCLA School of Dentistry Division of Advanced Prosthodontics . He is a winner of award 2007 Judson C. Hichey in the research category in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. He is an Editor in Chief of the Spectrum Dialogue magazine .He is the President of OPERART LLC dental laboratory in Santa Monica California.He is author and co-author of several articles in the literature. He is the author of the Book  Symbiosis: Art & Technique.


Prof. Dr. Christer Dahlin DDS, PhD, Dr. Odont

Schweden, Gothenburg

Dr Christer Dahlin is a Professor in Guided Tissue Regeneration and Oral Surgery at Department of Biomaterials, Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden. Senior consultant in Oral & Maxil. Surg. at NÄL Medical Center Hospital, Trollhättan, Sweden;Visiting Prof. at Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; President-elect and a member of the Executive board for the Osteology Foundation; member of editorial boards for several journals in the dental field. Prof. Dahlin is a pioneer in the development of the concept of Guided Bone Regeneration. He has over thirty years of experience in implant treatment and related research. He is currently involved in both basic research focusing on the biological mechanisms related to GBR as well as clinical trials. Author of numerous articles and textbooks on these topics. He travels worldwide to lecture, conduct research and teach on this topics.


Dr. David De Franco

Italien, Mailand

Dr. De Franco obtained a B.A. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, a D.M.D. degree from the University of Connecticut, and the certificate in Orthodontics with a Doctorate of Medical Sciences degree in Oral Biology from Harvard University. He moved to Milan in 1992 where he has been working ever since in private practice limited to orthodontics. He is a Diplomate of ABO, EBO and IBO, and is presently the President of the European Board of Orthodontics. He is a member of AAO, EOS, Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics, SIDO, Italian Academy of Orthodontics, European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and the Eastern Component of the Angle Society. He was President of the Angle Society in 2018 and President of the Italian Academy of Orthodontics in 2021. He is a reviewer for several orthodontic journals.


Dr. Mirela Feraru

Israel, Tel Aviv

Mirela Feraru, D.M.D. graduated in 2005 from the Dental Faculty of the Timisoara University, Romania. Was an integral part of the Bichacho Clinic team from 2009 till 2022, focusing on Interdisciplinary Modalities, she gained in-depth knowledge and experience in all fields of Perio-Prosthetic Esthetic Dentistry, concentrating on Restorative and Perioplastic surgery treatments. As well as publishing internationally, she pursues her passion for sharing her experience and skills with others by lecturing, teaching and mentoring world-wide on complex Esthetic Restorative Treatments and Interdisciplinary Perio-Prosthetic Concepts and Treatment. She has also authored the bestseller book “Dental Visualization”, published by Quintessence Publishing in 2018


Dr. Guido Fichera

Italien, Monza

Graduated in Dentistry with honors and mention of university merit, Milan, Italy. Specialized in Orthodontics with honors and mention of university merit, Cagliari, Italy. Master in Periodontology, Siena, Italy. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Conservative and Restorative Dentistry AIC. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry AIOP. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Orthodontics AIDOR. Academic Expert in Gnathology, Prof. Slavicek, Krems, Austria. Academic Expert in Orthodontics, Prof. Sato, Krems, Austria. Visiting Professor in Adult Orthodontics, Cagliari, Italy. Author of scientific publications and lecturer in national and international congresses, conferences and courses. He carries out clinical research activities and practices in Monza, Italy, dedicating himself to interdisciplinary rehabilitation of complex cases.


Dr. Alberto Fonzar

Italien, Basaldella

Graduated cum laude in 1986 in Medicine and Surgery at the Univ. of Trieste, specialized with honors in Dentistry in 1989 at the Univ. of Pisa. Dr. Fonzar has been directing the “E.Fonzar” Friulian Dental Clinic in Campoformido (UD) since 1996. Periodontology, implantology and prosthetics are the specializations to which Dr. Fonzar has dedicated his activity, becoming one of the leading European experts. Active member and Past President of SIDP, member AIOP and Int. College of Dentistry, Dr. Fonzar is involved in periodontal clinical research projects and theaches at the Univ. of Trieste and Modena. Speaker in Italy and abroad at conferences on the subject of periodontology, implantology and prosthodontics. 


Massimo Fuzzi DMD


Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1978.
Degree of Medicine Dentaire (L.M.D.) at the University of Geneva in 1981. Specialization in Stomatology and Dental Prosthesis at the University of Bologna in 1984. Former Visiting Professor in Fixed Prosthesis at the Dental School of the University of Bologna from 1986 to 1994. Former Visiting Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the Dental School of the University of Siena. 
He is the Past-President of the Italian Academy of Restorative Dentistry, the past President of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and former Associated Member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is author of many scientific articles published on international journals, of a chapter in a book of Endodontics and co-author of some books on Adhesive Dentistry.
Gold metal of the Geneva University (J.L. Baume prize) in 2008. He limits his activity to Restorative Dentistry within a group practice in Bologna


Dr. Iñaki Gamborena DMD, MSD

Iñaki Gamborena, DMD, MSD, betreibt eine auf Ästhetik, Restaurative Zahnmedizin und Implantate spezialisierte Privatpraxis in San Sebastián. Er ist Gastdozent an der University of Washington Dental School in Seattle, an der University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia und am Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, alle USA. Dr. Gamborena ist Chefredakteur von Quintessence Técnica (spanisch) und aktives Mitglied der European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry und der American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. Außerdem ist er Gründungsmitglied der Ponti-Gruppe. Dr. Gamborena wurde mehrfach für seine klinischen und akademischen Leistungen ausgezeichnet, unter anderem mit dem Preis des Bolender Contest der University of Washington. Er hat zahlreiche Artikel zur Implantatprothetik und Ästhetik verfasst und hält Vorträge zu diesen Themen.


Dr. Jack Goldberg

Mexiko, Mexico City

Received his dental degree from the Technological University of Mexico in 2011. Dr. Goldberg continued at the USC School of Dentistry with a 3-year full time residency in the specialty of advanced prosthodontics, receiving his Prosthodontics Certificate in 2014, then he earned a Masters of Science in Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine at the University of Southern California. Dr. Goldberg’s completed a 1-year surgical fellowship program in implant dentistry at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Presently, he works together with his partner Dr. Ricardo Mitrani in private practice in Mexico City. 


Prof. Dr. Filippo Graziani

Italien, Pisa

Filippo Graziani obtained his DDS in Pisa and then a PhD in Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. He gained the Mastership in Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute of London. He also holds a Master in Clinical research and an Oral Surgery Specialty. Full Professor of Periodontology of the Univ. of Pisa. Visiting Professor in Periodontology at UCL of London (Eastman Inst.) and Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, Hong Kong. His clinical activities are fully dedicated to Periodontology and he runs his private practice limited to periodontology.

He is the Past President of the European Federation of Periodontology and he is chairman of the European Project Committee of the European Federation of Periodontology. He published more than 100 scientific manuscripts in impacted factor journals and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. He is the founder of Periocampus, a new way of teaching Periodontology and editor of the Periocampus Herald.



Dr. Domenico Massironi

Italien, Melegnano Milano

He is Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Member of American Academy Restorative Dentistry, Active Member of the American Academy of Microscopy and Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists; he’s  Member Emeritus of Amici di Brugg  and Active Member of Digital Dentistry Society. He wrote “Precision in prosthetic restoration” with A. Battistelli and R. Pascetta (Quintessence) and “Precision in dental aesthetics” with R. Pascetta and G. Romeo (Quintessence) and translated in seven languages. He uses the stereomicroscope since 1988 


Dr. med. dent. Konrad H. Meyenberg

Schweiz, Zürich

Konrad Meyenberg studierte Zahnmedizin an der Universität Zürich. Anschließend an drei Jahre Privatpraxis absolvierte er ein 4-Jahres-Programm in rekonstruktiver Zahnheilkunde an der Abteilung für Kronen- und Brückenprothetik in Zürich bei Prof. P. Schärer. Seine klinischen Schwerpunkte in der Privatpraxis liegen in der aktuellen rekonstruktiven Zahnheilkunde. Zusammen mit den Praxispartnern Marco J. Imoberdorf & Christian Ramel (Parodontologie, Implantologie) und Frank Paqué (Endodontie) werden vor allem rekonstruktiv-aesthetisch anspruchsvolle Fälle behandelt. Aktiv-Mitglied der European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, der Academy of Osseointegration, der SGI, der SSRD und Spezialist SSRD/SSO und EDA für rekonstruktive Zahnheilkunde. Mitglied der Editorial Boards und als Reviewer tätig für folgende Journals: The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, Implantologie und Teamwork.


Dr. Ricardo Mitrani DDS, MSD

Mexiko, Mexico City

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, received his DDS degree from the Unitec University of México City; a certificate in Prosthodontics as well as a Master of Science in Dentistry from the University of Washington, where he served as the Graduate Prosthodontics program’s assistant director during the year of 2001.  He currently holds academic affiliations at the University of Washington, and is a resident faculty at SPEAR Education in Scottsdale Arizona. He is a member of several organizations including the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. He is part of the editorial board of the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry (JERD), The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (JCD) and Compendium, as well as the Executive director of Spear Digest. Dr Mitrani has authored numerous scientific publications and chapters in textbooks in the fields of Implant Prosthodontics and Aesthetic dentistry and has given over 600 lectures around the globe, maintaining a private practice limited to Prosthodontics, Implants and Aesthetic dentistry in Mexico City.  


Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

Griechenland, Kallithea

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos received his undergraduate degree in Dentistry (D.D.S.) from the Univ. of Athens, Greece. In 1993, he obtained his doctoral degree in Prosthodontics (DMD) from the Univ. of Freiburg, Germany. Following his professional training, Dr. Pelekanos established a private practice in Athens, oriented towards prosthodontics, implantology and esthetic dentistry. In 2002, he was appointed full-time Lecturer at the Department of Prosthodontics, Univ. of Athens, Greece, and in 2012 Assistant Professor in the same department. Since 2013 he is an active member of EAED. His professional affiliations include: The Int. Coll. of Prosthodontics (ICP), European Prosth. Association (EPA), Greek Prosth. Association. He is a faculty member of gIDE Institute, Los Angeles and Dental Tribune (CME courses) lecturing internationally and performing hands on courses on implants, aesthetics and restorative procedures.


Dr. Giovanni Sammarco

Italien, Trento

Degree in Dentistry in Verona in 1997. From 2015 to 2017, adjunct professor for the entire issue of "Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics" at the degree course in Dentistry of the Univ. of Insubria (VA). Since 2015 he has been a lecturer in cariology at the II level Master in "Aesthetic Conservative Dentistry" (Univ. Of Bologna, Director Prof. L. Breschi). Active member of AIC and IAED. Founder of the TRAP group (Tooth Respect and Prevention), creator of the clinical cariology courses "Vincere la Carie". He has published and holds lectures in national and international contexts, on the subject of caries, its prevention and minimally invasive approaches. He works in his own studio in Trento using the operating microscope


MDT Salvatore Sgro


Laboratory owner "L'Eccellenza Odontotecnica S.r.l." in Rome (since 1980). Speaker at national and international conferences (since 1984). Lecturer in University and Specialization training courses (since 1986). Active member of AIOP (since 1994). Creator of scientifically supported processing techniques registered with trademarks. Since 1982 he has chosen to carry out his entire working process with the use of microscopes. Creator of machinery and materials used exclusively in his works to obtain high chemical, physical and biocompatibility properties, with predictable results of precision, function and naturalness. He collaborates with some dentists of international importance, Italian and other countries, in the resolution of cases with a multidisciplinary approach. Author of various scientific papers published in national and international journals of dental technology and prosthetic dentistry, translated into various languages.


Paolo Smaniotto

Italien, Bassano del Grappa


Accademia Italiana di Odontoiatria Protesica (AIOP)
Via G. Ripamonti, 129
20141 Milano
Tel.: +39 02 56601256
E-Mail: aiop@aimgroup.eu
Web: https://www.aiop.com/?lang=en

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