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Having gone through one of the most challenging Pandemic of the 21st century, getting back into the regular flow of Comprehensive Management of Prosthodontic Challenges is an educational program designed to bring together speakers from a myriad of scientific and clinical experience. Lecturers will present concepts and clinical techniques based on scientific evidence and their expert experience to enhance a provider's ability to plan, consult, refer, sequence, and achieve success in addressing a wide variety of complex patient care needs. This program is centered on the art as well as the science involved in recognizing, planning, and executing treatment options. The speakers will address a variety of revolutionary technologies and fundamental concepts for a multitude of patient situations.

Joe Kan • Jonathan Esquivel • Dennis Tarnow • Marta Revilla • Mohamed Fayad • Pat Allen • Gustavo Giordani • Martijn Moolenaar • Kostas Chochlidakis • Aki Yoshida • Frank Celenza Jr. • Susanne Scherrer • Bobby Birdi • Nate Lawson



American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics
6661 Merwin Road
OH 43235 Columbus
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
E-Mail: info@fixedprosthodontics.org

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