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Patients’ increasing demand for shorter treatment times, for predictable success and the positive effects on productivity and growth have made immediate protocols in implant dentistry increasingly popular among patients and dental professionals. The growing evidence regarding extraction and immediate implant placement as well as immediate loading is nowadays widening the treatment options. The purpose of this congress is to help you to identify the indications for immediacy in implant dentistry and confidently and efficiently provide your patients with fastened treatment protocols  – whenever clinically possible, whether it is a single tooth, multiple teeth or full-arch cases. Do you want to become a master in immediacy? Don’t hesitate to join us at our first ITI Belux congress in Brugge!

Different topics:

  • Immediacy for full arch rehabilitation
  • Immediate implant and loading in partial edentulous
  • Digital workflows for immediate implant and restoration
  • The patient experience with immediate implant procedures
  • Immediacy for the management of the athrophic maxilla
  • Avoiding immediate implant complication
  • Hands-on and workshops


  • Dr. Adam Hamilton: Risk Factors in Immediacy
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schimmel: Choosing or refusing dental implant: Patient Reported Outcomes in Implantology + Implant-overdentures: The Bernese Concept
  • Dr. Sepehr Zarrine: Zygomatic 2.0 : up to date knowledge and technology
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Cosyn: Grafting in immediate implant placement
  • Prof. Eric Rompen: Strategies for full arch rehabilitations
  • Rutger D'Hondt: The socket shield technique: preserve what you can, when you can
  • Guillaume De Moyer & Valentin Vervack: Immediate implant placement concepts: Crown-guide and Bridge-guide. A fascinating approach
  • Nathalie Robert: Digital tools for full arch immediate loading procedure : Does faster always means better?
  • Bruno De Carvalho: Immediate implant placement in the posterior region combining sealing socket abutment
  • Prof. Amélie Mainjot: One-tooth One-time (1T1T) : Immediate loading of posterior single implants with the final crown
  • Luc Rutten: Immediate loading and restoration of edentulous patients from a dental technicians perspective: guidelines, principles and concepts


ITI International Team for Implantology
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4052 Basel
Tel.: ++41 (0)61 / 270 83 83
Fax: ++41 (0)61 / 270 83 84
E-Mail: education@iti.org
Web: http://www.iti.org

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