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Day 1 – Thursday, 18 May

  • Morning Workshops
  • Pre-symposium Opening “Technological innovation helps the clinic” (Moderators: Juan Blanco & Luca Cordaro)
  • Success factors in the treatment of gingival recession defects (Katja Nelson)
  • Allografts (Speaker will be announced soon)
  • Predictable and high-quality bone regeneration (Massimo Simion)
  • Digital and guided surgery (Nick Fahey)
  • Is full-arch implant dentistry the panacea for life? (Fazeela Khan Osborne)
  • Stick with me! Utilizing L-PRF for enhanced hard and soft tissue oral regeneration. (Mia Geisinger)
  • Modern wound management – the use of autologous growth factors in everyday dental practice (Marc Quirynen)
  • 3D bioprinting and other novel aspects of tissue engineering (Siddharth Vivek Shanbhag)
  • WISE signature drink Women in implantology – supporting & empowering

Day 2 – Friday, 19 May

  • Welcome and opening (Luca Cordaro & Mariano Sanz)
  • Session 1 – Treatment planning in the digital era (Katja Nelson & Dehua Li)
  • Digital planning in the esthetic zone (Florian Beuer)
  • The ABCD Algorithm: A comprehensive philosophy in treatment planning for full-arch cases (Udatta Kher & Ali Tunkiwala)
  • Analogic planning – is it still viable? (Sergio Piano)
  • Session 2 – Timing in implant treatment (Homa Zadeh)
  • Post-extraction socket development (Mauricio Araujo)
  • Delayed placement (Ronny Jung)
  • Immediate Replacement (Ramón Gómez-Meda)
  • Session 3 – Treatment of soft tissue defects: do we have relevant innovation? (Mariano Sanz)
  • The role of keratinized mucosa (Ignacio Sanz Martin)
  • Soft-tissue defects treated with autogenous materials (S. Marcus Beschnidt)
  • Soft-tissue defects treated with heterologous materials (Anton Sculean)
  • Science Slam
  • Session 4 – CAD/CAM implant supported restoration – are they a must? (Irena Sailer)
  • CAD/CAM fixed dental prosthesis: state of the art (Jan Frederik Güth)
  • One-crown one-time concept (Christina Zarauz &  João Pitta)
  • Digital workflow or analog approach? (Julián Conejo)
  • Science Slam – Award ceremony
  • Dolce Vita Night

Day 3 – Saturday, 20 May

  • Session 5 – Young OR Foundation Researchers 
  • OR Foundation Research Award
  • Session 6 – Can we influence bone and soft tissue healing around implants? (Luca Cordaro)
  • Can we increase soft tissue dimensions in the long-term? (Hom-Lay Wang)
  • Ideal abutment emergence profile anatomy (Ana Torres)
  • Aggressive implant macrodesigns (Marius Steigmann)
  • Session 7 – Do digital technologies really help the implant surgeon? (Juan Blanco)
  • Why accuracy is different to precision (Tiziano Testori)
  • Computer-assisted bone augmentation techniques (Bilal Al-Nawas)
  • Session 8 – Hard tissue augmentation with the conventional approach (Michael Stimmelmayr)
  • Principles and Long-Term Results of Hard Tissue Grafting with Autogenous Bone (Fouad Khoury)
  • Block Grafts: Are they a must, or becoming obsolete? (Tara Aghaloo)
  • Guided Bone Regeneration (Juan Blanco)
  • Closing ceremony


Oral Reconstruction Foundation
Margarethenstrasse 38
4053 Basel
E-Mail: info@orfoundation.org

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