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Your roadmap to true mastery of digital treatment planning in aligner orthodontics

This congress does not just throw interesting and challenging case studies at you, leaving you wondering how to implement the techniques yourself. It also does not stop at handing you information about all the things that could go wrong, leaving you more worried than before. And it certainly does not stop at giving you dry knowledge that is hard to retain and even harder to implement.

The TPAO congress provides you with thorough, all-encompassing, consolidated knowledge; with more aha-moments than you can count. An event jam-packed with orthodontic and technical expert knowledge, leaving you with a true, deep, absolute understanding and confidence that makes you a true master of digital treatment planning.

Friday, 26th of November
09:00   Welcome and introduction of the speakers (Matthias Peper and Dr David Raickovic)
09:15   Artificial intelligence & Algorithms of current aligner systems (Matthias Peper)
10:15   Coffee break | Exhibition | Platinum Partner Session
10:45  The secrets for successful deep bite corrections with aligners – staging and treatment strategies (Dr Jörg Schwarze)
11:45  Software algorithms and technician expertise in deep bite cases (Matthias Peper)
12:15   Lunch | Exhibition | Platinum Partner Session
13:15   Invisalign First and MA – From diagnosis to biomechanics (Dr Pedro Costa Monteiro)
14:15   How to create the most predictable Class II ClinCheck®(Dr Enzo Pasciuti)
15:30   Software algorithms & technician expertise in MA and Class II cases (Matthias Peper & Björn Reiners)
16:15   Coffee break | Exhibition | Partner Session
16:45   Multidisciplinary treatment plans – comprehensive solutions for complex cases (Dr Susana Palma)
17:45   Q&A Session
19:30   TPAO Gala Night with Flying Dinner

Saturday, 27th of November
08:30   Advanced ClinCheck® Staging Techniques: How to stage complex types of tooth movements and make them clinically predictable (Dr Sandra Tai)
09:45   Coffee break | Exhibition | Platinum Partner Session
10:15   Mastering Complexity through Simplification: 5 Keys to accuracy in digital treatment planning (Dr Iván Malagón)
11:15   Key words for complex treatment planning communication (Björn Reiners & Matthias Peper)
11:45   Bold aligner cases requiring auxiliaries (Dr Andreas Dasy)
12:30   Lunch | Exhibition | Platinum Partner Session
13:30   Key facts about attachments – what needs to be considered while digital treatment planning (Dr Mareike Niederwahrenbrock)
14:15   Advantages and disadvantages of various aligner software for treatment planning (Dr Dietmar Zuran)
15:00   Closing / Opening / Managing Spaces (Dr Thomas Drechsler)
15:45   Coffee break | Exhibition | Platinum Partner Session
16:15   Complex and interdisciplinary treatments with aligners – The special knowledge of staging (Dr Udo Windsheimer)
16:45   Aligner treatments – cosmetics or complex medical science? (Dr Boris Sonnenberg)
17:30   Q&A Session


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Koordinierende Redaktion: Elizabeth Ducker
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