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Forum Implantologicum

Erscheinungsweise: halbjährlich
Sprache: Englisch

Kategorie: Implantologie

Schriftleitung / Chefredaktion: Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser
Koordinierende Redaktion: Matthias Joesch
QP Deutschland

From 2021, the Forum Implantologicum will only be published in digital form. All ITI members will be able to read the contents free of charge as part of their membership.


The Forum Implantologicum offers scientifically based educational papers, in particular illustrated narrative review articles. The Forum Implantologicum aims to provide its readership with pertinent scientific information on topics of current relevance translated into the context of daily clinical practice. It also provides a regular overview of ITI activities, developments and events.

Schriftleitung / Chefredaktion

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser

Schweiz, Bern
Koordinierende Redaktion

Matthias Joesch

Forum Implantologicum, 01/2020