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International Journal of Sports Dentistry

Erscheinungsweise: jährlich
Sprache: Englisch

Kategorie: Sportmedizin

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Offizielle Zeitschrift von:
Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportzahnmedizin. e.V. (DGSZM)

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The emerging field of sports dentistry has gained wider recognition over the past two decades. The Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry has launched its official English-language journal, The International Journal of Sports Dentistry, to further open the discourse in this field on a worldwide stage. This journal provides an overview of the scientific developments in sports-related dentistry around the world, with an emphasis on orofacial injury prevention (eg, mouthguards, faceguards, gum-chewing research) and management of dentofacial trauma and craniofacial pain.