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Karim Dada / Marwan Daas

Esthetic Implant Restoration in the Edentulous Maxilla

A Simplified Protocol

1st Edition 2014
Hardcover, 216 Seiten, 606 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde, Implantologie, Prothetik

Artikelnr.: 16021
ISBN 978-0-86715-645-4

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The simplified clinical protocols described in this book represent a revolution in the esthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous maxilla that updates the knowledge base and corrects outdated principles deeply rooted in the profession. The treatment strategy is prosthetically driven and tailored to address the anatomical realities of any clinical situation. The authors emphasize use of a comprehensive esthetic analysis and the careful management of the essential preparatory phases, and they outline the esthetic design principles and clinical methodology for different treatment options. They also discuss indications for immediate loading, delivery of a fixed prosthesis shortly after the surgery, flapless surgery, and the all-on-four treatment concept, all of which can be used to limit postoperative difficulties for the patient. By tailoring the prosthetic management to the clinical situation and simplifying the surgical and prosthetic protocols, the authors of this book have developed predictable esthetic treatment strategies that will be applicable to the largest number of patients and the largest number of clinicians.

Chapter 1. Esthetic Analysis
Chapter 2. Preparatory Phase
Chapter 3. Implant Indications
Chapter 4. Immediate Loading and Provisionalization
Chapter 5. Types of Prostheses
Chapter 6. The All-on-Four Concept

Karim Dada DDS

Frankreich, Paris

Dr. Karim Dada, DDS, MS, graduated with a degree in dental surgery and post-graduate certificates in implant prosthodontics and implant surgery from the Paris Descartes University. Dr Dada was recognized in 2005 by the Académie Nationale de Chirurgie Dentaire for his work in providing implant treatment to patients with head and neck cancer who are undergoing radiotherapy. Dr Dada maintains a private practice in Paris focusing on perio-plastic surgery and implant dentistry.

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