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Per Axelsson

Preventive Materials, Methods and Programs

Preventive Dentistry Volume 4

1st Edition 2004
Hardcover, 662 Seiten, 607 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Fachübergreifend, Parodontologie, Prophylaxe, Restaurative Zahnheilkunde

Artikelnr.: 13341
ISBN 978-0-86715-364-4
QP Deutschland

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The fourth volume in this preventive dentistry series is a comprehensive source for the latest information on preventive materials and methods, needs-related preventive programs, and analytical epidemiology for quality control. Clear and concise text and numerous color illustrations describe how to use the materials and methods associated with mechanical toothcleaning (self-care and professional), chemical plaque control, fluorides, and fissure sealants. Also provided are schedules showing how these agents and techniques should be implemented on a needs-related basis, according to the state of the art and based on evidence from recent research. The author also presents principles for integrated caries prevention in children and young adults as well as recommendations for preventive programs based on the oral health status and socioeconomic conditions of a given population. Finally, the rationale and methods for evaluation of preventive programs using analytical computerized oral epidemiology are described. An invaluable resource for clinicians and students at all levels.

Chapter 1. Plaque Control: The Key to Preventive Dentistry
Chapter 2. Mechanical Plaque Control by Self-care
Chapter 3. Professional Mechanical Toothcleaning
Chapter 4. Chemical Plaque Control
Chapter 5. Use of Fluorides
Chapter 6. Use of Fissure Sealants
Chapter 7. Integrated Prevention and Control of Dental Caries in Children and Young Adults
Chapter 8. Oral Health Promotion and Needs-Related Preventive Programs
Chapter 9. Analytical Computerized Oral Epidemiology for Quality Control of Preventive Programs and Treatment
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Cover, Axelsson: Preventive Materials, Methods and Programs

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