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Christopher Köttgen / Udo Plaster

Dr. Chris Webinar #11 - Digital workflow for oral rehabilitation

Rubrik(en): Zahntechnik
Sprache(n): Englisch
Publikationsjahr: 2021

In clinical practice, incorrectly inclined occlusal planes and functionally inadequate restorations are a common scourge. A possible reason is the often imprecise analysis of patient information. Now Udo Plaster, master dental technician from Nürnberg, has developed a novel transfer approach, the PlaneSystem®.

It determines the occlusal plane and any associated asymmetries individually for each patient based on the ala-tragus plane and natural head position (NHP) and transmits the real position to the CAD/CAM system.

For an uninterrupted digital workflow, the data received and the corresponding coordinates in three-dimensional space must be correctly matched. This can be done with the S600 ARTI structured-light optical scanner and the virtual articulator implemented in the Zirkonzahn modelling software. The scanner acquires the data of the models from the PS1 articulator and transfers them directly to the software’s virtual articulator.

This allows possible compensations to be detected prior to developing a treatment plan for laboratory or chairside restorations, minimising or completely eliminating any sources of error, particularly during data transfer, which might otherwise occur when planning or fabricating a dental restoration.

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