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Prof. Dr. Marco Ferrari MD, DMD, Ph D

Italy, Siena

Marco Ferrari (MD, DMD, Ph D) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials at the University of Siena, Italy. He is also Dean of the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Siena. Dr. Ferrari obtained his MD (1983) from the University of Pisa, DMD from University of Siena and Ph D from ACTA, Nertherlands. He implemented the international Ph D program on Dental materials and their clinical applications and later on Dental Biotechnologies, in the University of Siena. He is also Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Leeds University UK, Research Professor at Tufts University, Boston, and Visiting Professor of Rochester University, Xi’an University. He is Past President of European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, Academy of Dental Materials and Continental European Division of IADR. Dr. Ferrari has published over 350 research papers, has 1 patent and other 2 pending applications. His research focuses was for a long time on bonding, resin composites and reinforced restorative materials, and then on zirconia, lithium disilicate, luting materials, and digital dentistry. He sits on Editorial boards of several journals and serves as referee for all major journals in dentistry.

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