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Forum Implantologicum

Issue cycle: biannual
Language: English

Category: Implantology

Editor-in-chief: Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser
Coordinating editor: Matthias Joesch
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Official organ of:
ITI International Team for Implantology

From 2021, the Forum Implantologicum will only be published in digital form. All ITI members will be able to read the contents free of charge as part of their membership.


The Forum Implantologicum offers scientifically based educational papers, in particular illustrated narrative review articles. The Forum Implantologicum aims to provide its readership with pertinent scientific information on topics of current relevance translated into the context of daily clinical practice. It also provides a regular overview of ITI activities, developments and events.


Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser

Switzerland, Bern

Dr. Daniel Buser is one of the most experienced international implant surgeons with 35 years of surgical experience. He widely lectures at national and international conferences, and CE courses to share his knowledge. He has been Professor of Oral Surgery at the University of Bern/Switzerland (2000-19). He also served as President of various academic associations including the EAO (1996/97), and the ITI (2009-13). He received several scientific awards, among others the André Schroeder Research Prize by the ITI (1995), the Honorary Membership Award by the AAP (1997), the Brånemark Osseointegration Award by the AO (2013), and the ITI Honorary Fellowship (2017). With his team, he has authored and co-authored more than 400 publications and book chapters on translational research in the field of implant dentistry. He is also Editor and main author the famous GBR Book by Quintessence, which will be published as 3rd edition in Oct/Nov 2021. Today, he works part time in a private Centre for Implantology to surgically treat implant patients. His main activity is now Continuing Education. With his friend Toni Sculean, he has established the Buser & Sculean Academy for Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. The mission is knowledge sharing to the young generation of implant specialists around the globe using hybrid Master Course, using live and on-demand streaming of lectures and live surgeries via an attractive streaming platform.

Coordinating editor

Matthias Joesch

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Forum Implantologicum
ISSN 1861-6585
Forum Implantologicum
ISSN 1861-6585

Forum Implantologicum, 01/2020