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Oral Design

For over 30 years Willi Geller, the founder of Oral Design, has observed and listened to professionals practicing dental aesthetics. When Oral Design was founded, in 1982, it started a journey to keep moving the frontiers of dental aesthetics. To increase the cooperation and communication between technicians and dentists and to improve patients' oral health and self-image.

Over the years Oral Design members together with the dental industry have refined the techniques and methods, to create and evaluate new materials and skills to be able to create life-like restorations possible.

The world of Oral Design has its node in Zurich Switzerland, where Mr. Willi Geller still holds residence, and where all paths pass. Around the globe, you will find dental technicians and dentists who live their profession the Oral Design way. Regardless of gender, race, religion, and political orientation they are all part of sharing, giving, and understanding which distinguishes Oral Design.


Fehmi Hüseyin

Germany, Mönchengladbach

- Born in 1975 in Viersen, Germany
- Completed apprenticeship training in Dental Technology in 1996 - Worked in several dental laboratories
- Graduated top of class in 2005 from the Master School of Dental Technology Düsseldorf, Germany
- Completed various hands-on courses by internationally renown ceramists including Thilo Vock, Ulrich Werder, Willi Geller, Sascha Hein, Hitoshi Aoishima, Gerald Ubassy, Walter Gebhard,Michel Magne and Jürg Stuck 
- In 2005 Fechmi Housein was invited by Shigeo Kataoka to visit his renown Osaka Ceramic Training Center where he spend one month 
- Since 2010 he operates his own dental laboratory ,Fechmi Housein Zahntechnik Ästhetik und Funktion, in Mönchengladbach ,Germany 
- Since 2015 he operates his laboratory and education center in Viersen ,Germany 
- Invited in 2019 to the Oral Design group 

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ZTM Sascha Hein

Germany, Freiburg

Sascha Hein graduated from the Dental Technician College Munich in 1997. In 2001 he completed further studies in dental ceramics under Masahiro Kuwata in Tokyo, Japan. In 2005 he graduated from Master School in Freiburg, Germany. In 2007 Sascha Hein was inducted into the international Oral Design group by founder Willi Geller. In 2012 he was inducted into the Bio-Emulation group which he served as president from 2014 - 2016. Together with Dr Panaghiotis Bazos and Dr Javier Tapia Guadix he developed the eLAB system from 2013 - 2016. From 2013 - 2017 Sascha Hein furthered his education in color science and optical physics under the mentorship of Professor Jaap ten Bosch. Sascha Hein is both, a published author and a reviewer for a number of peer reviewed journals. Sascha Hein lives and works in Freiburg, Germany.


CDT Jungo Endo

United States of America, Hermosa Beach CA

Jungo Endo, R.D.T. is dental technician born and raised in Japan. He graduated from the Yamagata Dental Technician School in 1995. Upon completing his studies at Yamagata Dental Technician School, he went on to complete a post- graduate master ceramics course at the Osaka Ceramic Training Center from 1998 to 1999. There, he studied under Mr. Shigeo Karaoke, a renowned author of Nature’s Morphology (Quintessence). Mr. Endo received the prestigious Shigeo Karaoke Award upon his matriculation in 1999. At the culmination of his studies in Japan, Mr. Endo worked in a private lab in Los Angeles for 6 years where he caught the eyes of Dr. John Beumer, III, DDS, MS. He joined the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2005 as a master ceramist and co-instructor of UCLA Advanced Prosthodontics Laboratory Training Program. 
He specializes in ceramics on highly esthetic implant supported restorations. Mr. Endo is a renowned lecturer both nationally and globally on esthetics of complex implant- supported restorations. 
In October 2012, He owned Jungo Endo Dental Studio in Santa Monica, California. In 2013, Mr.Willi Geller selected Jungo Endo to be a member of Oral Design.
 In 2018, Jungo Endo Dental Studio opened brand new office in Hermosa Beach. 


ZT Uwe Gehringer

Germany, München

1999 Uwe Gehringer graduated as a dental technician at the Austrian National Dental School of Baden / Vienna
1999 – 2003 Dental technician in several dental studios in Vienna.
2003 – 2004 Dental technician at Dental Design Peter Biekert in Stuttgart / Germany.
2004 – 2008 Manager of a dental studio in Graz.
2007 Winner of the international competition „Das Goldene Parallelometer“ and winner of the esthetic award “Ästhetikpreis Creation – Willi Geller”
Since 2007 lectures, courses and publications in national and international journals.
2008 - 2011 Manager of a Dental Studio in Munich and exclusive collaboration with Dr. jan Hajtó.
Since 2011, self-employed in the heart of Munich.
Since 2019, Member of Oral Design.
His focus is on esthetic complex implant and teeth supported restorations and functional reconstructions.

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MDT Sam Alawie

United States of America, Beverly Hills

Sam Alawie completed his Master Dental Technician degree in Brussels, Belgium in 1994. He migrated to the United States in 2003 and opened his own full service dental laboratory in Beverly Hills, California. Sam is well versed on the importance of technical clinical communications and their implementations for successful case planning and patient satisfaction. He is a keen and avid supporter and member of many study groups. He instructed various hands-on crown and bridge courses and hosted presentations throughout Europe and the United States. 

In 2012, Sam opened a state-of-the-art educational facility, Oral Design Beverly Hills which offers a spacious venue where dental professionals and students can come together to advance their knowledge, practice their craft, and exchange ideas; offering a wide range of training programs, study groups, and continuing education courses, including advanced classes with world renowned dental specialists. 

In 2020 Mr. Willi Geller of the Oral Design Foundation based in Switzerland invited Sam to be an active member of the Oral Design Family.


Ricky Lee

Australia, North Sydney

Ricky is a registered dental technician who studied in Japan under the mastership of Yasuhiro Odanaka and Shigeo Kataoka. From 2006 to 2012 Ricky worked under the mentorship of Brian Walters of Dentogenics. He then worked from 2013-2016 within the in-house laboratory of Sydney Dental Specialists and he opened his laboratory , Ricky Lee Dental Atelier, in North Sydney in 2016.
In 2019, Mr. Willi Geller selected IL KI RICKY LEE to be a member of Oral Design.

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CDT Cristian Petri

Romania, Campului

He was born in 1978 in the heart of Transylvania. In 1999, Cristian Petri successfully completed his 2-year dental technician college in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Subsequently, he worked as dental technician until 2001. He then changed to work in USA and Germany as dental technician for almost 2 years. ( May-Oct 2001: New Jersey, Dec 2001- Nov 2002: Germany). In 2002, he opened his laboratory Artchrys in Cluj-Napoca/ Romania and a Dental Clinic in the same city in 2019. He further specializes as he partakes to the courses conducted by Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, MDT Masimiliano Trombin, MDT Achim Ludvig, MDT Jan Langner, MDT Haristos Girinis, MDT Nondas Vlachopoulos, MDT Uwe Gehringer, MDT Thomas Stefan Sing and Sensei Sigeo Kataoka . Since 2011, he has been holding lectures and publishing information regarding the fabrication of complex implant restorations with a focus on functional and aesthetics.
He was awarded some “Master Prizes” for his career achievements:
- 2005, Dental Progress Award / Lichtenstein.
- 2014 First prize in collaboration with Dr. Silvana Canjau–Post presentation „Minimal invasive therapy-The Solution to an esthetic and Functional Outcome”;Esthetic Dentistry International Congress, Bucharest, Romania.
- 2015 First prize in collaboration with Dr. Silvana Canjau–Post presentation „Correct Management Of Occlusal And Esthetic Rehabilitation: A Case Report”; 12th International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry; Romania.
- 2017 together with Dr. Ionut Branzan were the winners of the The Award – Excellence in Prosthodontics ( Zerodonto- AIOP) Italy.
In 2018, Cristian Petri was inducted into the international Oral Design group by founder Willi Geller and he is the owner of the first Oral Design Centre in Romania. He is co-founder and president of Dental Initiative Romania, a non-profit association with an educational character. He is also the initiator of the TEAM congress in Romania.

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Dr. Javier Vasquez

United States of America, Miami

Dr. Vasquez obtained his Doctor in Dental Medicine degree at the Metropolitan University in 1997. He has completed his post graduate training in the areas of prosthodontics , orthopedics, craniocervical dysfunction and TMJ.

He obtained a Fellowship in Fukuoka, Japan and a Mastership in the USA from  ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics).

Biofunctional Dynamics Academy  launched in Dijon, France, Barranquilla, Colombia and Miami, USA.

Dr. Vasquez has been one of the early adopters in CAD CAM evolution for over 15 years and in the last 5 years has been a big developer into the integration and interdisciplinary treatment using 3D Data Integration.

For the past 4 years he united with Nemotec company in Madrid, a computer software integrated platform for interdisciplinary treatment planning.

Dr. Vasquez is a member of the world renowned organization Oral Design founded by Master Ceramist Mr. Willi Geller.

He owns Oral Design Miami, dental laboratory studio focusing on high esthetics and function.

He is a dentist, master ceramist , passionate education leader, clinical consultant and international speaker in the areas of occlusion, craniocervical dysfunction and high end esthetics.


He lives by his motto : “The limit is the sky! to dream, to learn, and to do! Live life!

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Richard Greenlees

New Zealand, Christchurch

Richard Greenlees PGDipCDTech (University of Otago) is an internationally renowned clinical dental technician. He studied in New Zealand and Japan, before leaving for London in the 1980s, where he ran his own clinic in the prestigious Harley Street, for 15 years. During this time he treated people from all walks of life, from East End barrow boys ‘done good’ to the rich and famous, politicians, actors and musicians.

His techniques are recognized as world-leading and he is regularly asked by his international peers to lecture and run courses worldwide. This includes regular courses in London, where professionals come from all over the world to learn about Richard’s revolutionary approach and techniques that are changing the face of denture aesthetics. Richard’s devotion to his patients and profession is such that he has risen denture prosthetics to an art form. One of his international colleagues said Richard’s work, “creates the perfect illusion, but above all, restores the patient’s dignity by embracing all facets of life and nature and by rejecting the artificial and grotesque commercialism. Acute, experienced observation and deep devotion are key elements in Richard’s work’.

Art in all its forms, is also of keen interest to Richard. He grew up with an artist mother, and carpenter father, and was always encouraged to use his hands. His other passions include painting, design and architecture and film, pursuits that are complementary to the the artwork he creates in his dental studio.

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Kenji Uchiumi

Japan, Tokyo

1973. Born in Chiba , Japan

1993. Obtained a dental technician license
1994. Graduated from International Dental  Academy
1995. Worked at International Dental Academy
1999. Worked at Willi Geller dental laboratory
2001. Became a member of oral design
2004. Established a Dental laboratory oral design KEN

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Eduardo Setien

Spain, San Sebastian

1981 -1983  Dental technician graduated from “Juan Badal dental school” Valencia.
1983 -1986 Post graduate training practice at fixed prosthodontic department in “La Belle dental lab” New York .
1986  He started working with Dr Antin in his dental office in San Sebastián.
1987 Open “PICAZA Y SETIEN Dental Laboratory” in San Sebastián with his partner Artemio Picaza, specialized in fixed prosthodontics and ceramics.
From 1993 he started using Creation ceramic. He collaborate in Spain and Portugal with Cendre-Metaux, now Cmdental, as an opinion leader. He gives courses and lectures since 2005. Also attended lots of congress and courses with prestigious ceramists all around the world. He specializes in high esthetic white and pink ceramics on implant supported restorations.
2012 He collaborate at the fixed prosthodontic postgraduate master at SCOE in Barcelona with Dr. Mallat.
2013 After some stages with Willi Geller in Zurich ,he was named  member of the Oral Design international foundation.

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Eric van der Winden

Netherlands, Blaricum

Dental technician since 1979.  
Best student “van Hamond prijs” 1985. 
Owner esthetics specialized laboratory in Laren 1993-2001. 
Member Willi Geller’s international Oral design group since 1996. 
Winner best training company SVGB 1999. 
Co-founder laboratory/training center Oral Design Center Holland since 2001. 
International lecturer, giving courses and presentations since 1989.

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Dr. Luca Dalloca CDT, DMD


He is recognized by the international scientific community as one of the leading experts in Aesthetic Dentistry . Since the early nineties he has been an international lecturer and author of numerous articles on mandibular aesthetics and biomechanics.

He graduated in Dentistry (DMD) from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston USA.

He graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics also from the University of Pavia and received Advanced Education in Prosthetic and Aesthetic Dentistry at UCLA, Los Angeles USA.

He is a Dental Technician (CDT) from Dental Technology Instiute, Orange Cal. USA and at the Casati Institute in Milan.

He was Clinical Associate Professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA; Clinical Visiting Professor at the post graduate program in Conservative Dentistry of the central department of Oral Sciences of the University of Siena.

Contract professor in Dental Anatomy at the Degree in Dentistry at the University of Milan.

He teaches at the European Master of Aesthetic and Conservative Dentistry at Manchester University in collaboration with the ESCD, he is a Certified Member, Fellow, and Past President of the ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Professor at the post graduate course of oral rehabilitation at the Ibero-American University (UNIBE) of the Dominican Republic.

He is a Fellow member of the International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics. Since 1996 member of the Oral Design group led by Master Willi Geller of Zurich which is made up of over 100 leading international professionals in Aesthetic Dentistry.

He is an instructor at the university course in Microinvasive Aesthetic Dentistry of the University of Geneva.

He is an honorary member of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry and a member of the Canadian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, of the International College of Prosthodontist, of the American Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, of the American Dental Society, of the American Academy of General Dentistry, of the Academy of Osseointegration, of the International Society for Dental Research, of the New york Academy of Sciences.

Active member of the Friends of Brugg.

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Makoto Morita

Japan, Kyoto

1972 Born in Kyoto,Japan

1993 Graduated from Kyoto college of dental technicians 
1993 Worked at Okabe dental clinic
1998 Worked at Shigeno dental clinic
2003 Established a Dental labor Kyoto Shitateya
2017 Willi Geller is allowed to become a oral design member 2017 Company name changed to oral design KYOTO

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Sebastien Mosconi

France, Saint Laurent du Var

-Graduated 1997 from master dental technician in Paris
-Worked in several dental laboratories in France and Canada
-In my dental development , i joined courses of Willi Geller ,Sascha Hein,Thomas Sing , Jungo Endo , stefan Picha , Skip Karpenter  …..
-Own company since 2009
-member of the jury for the french contest MOF :one of the best technician of france
-Oral Design member since 2013 , Oral Design French Riviera .
-Opinion leader for Creation , Anaxdent , and harvest dental ,Smile line 
-Organizing and giving courses , lectures , events in France and to foreign countries inFrench language , English and Italian. 

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Fabio Clementi

Italy, Rom

He graduated in Rome from the "Edmondo De Amicis" school in 1980. In 1993, he opened his laboratory in Rome, where he was committed in the search for precision, function and aesthetics.Since 1996 he has been involved in the diffusion of Master Willy Geller's "Creation" philosophy with courses and conferences. Since 2014 he collaborates with Cendres + Metaux Italia.He mainly deals with aesthetics, perioprosthesis and prosthesis on implants.National ANTLO speaker and ANTLO LAZIO presidentHe lectured at the Master in prosthesis at "La Sapienza" University in RomeHe has published articles on prostheses in national and international journals.He has held courses and conferences in Italy -Brazil -CanadaHe is committed and focused on the protocol both in perioprosthesis and on the vertical preparations of the Bologna school with courses and conferences throughout Italy.From 2019 he opened Oral Design Center in Rome.[19:16, 7/5/2020] Fabio:With the development of new dental technologies, nowadays we canutilize and process new generation materials such as Zirconiq, Lithium Disilicate and dentalPolymers.As far as Composite materials concern, there is a new generation material which has unique characteristics and became very popular in our daily laboratory use.In the course "Aesthetics and Composite Creation VC" a 6 element stratification will be performed utilizing this specific material. Moreover Pink Aesthetics aesthetics will be assessed and the strategies to obtain a natural aesthetic result will be analyzed step-by-step....

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Enrico Rolandone

Italy, Fossano

In 1990 he graduated as a dental technician. After working for ten years at the “Ricci” dental laboratory, in 1996 he became owner of the LOR laboratory in Fossano (Italy). After a few years of training in various areas, professional imprinting takes place when, in the early 2000s, he learned Willi Geller's philosophy by attending various "master" courses in Italy, Europe, USA, Japan with speakers such as Willi Geller, Naoki Aiba, Stefan Picha, Jungo Endo, Sascha Hein. Since 2015 he has collaborated as a speaker & teacher with Cendres + Métaux Italia.
- 2017 he opens the new atelier in Fossano where he specializes completely in aesthetics by doing courses National.
- 2018 he was invited to join the prestigious Oral Design International team 

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ZTM Stefan Picha

Germany, Fürth

After my training in the laboratory Snay 1992, I search my path in dental technology. This I found 1996 Michael Heinz Polz and Stefan Schunke. After several years of training in the fields of aesthetics, function and milling in 2002 I did my master examination as an external at the Masters School in Nuremberg. Since 2009 I am a member of the Master Examination Committee Nuremberg. Since 2010 self-employed with my own laboratory in Fürth Germany. Since 2015 member of the oral design foundation.

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MDT Michel Magne

United States of America, Beverly Hills

Michel Magne is a renowned master ceramist and expert in the art and science of aesthetic dentistry. An internationally sought-after speaker and educator, he lectures and teaches at some of the top dental schools both in the U.S. and abroad, including UCLA, University of Southern California, New York University, University of Geneva, and the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Michel received his dental technician certification in 1979 in his home country of Switzerland. He specializes in aesthetic rehabilitations and bonded porcelain restorations, and has published extensively on these topics.

Before co-founding Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory, Michel was an associate professor of clinical dentistry and director of the Center for Dental Technology at the USC. He also ran his own laboratory, 901 Oral Design, in Marina del Rey. Prior to that, he spent 12 years as the owner and director of the Oral Design Center at the Dental Laboratory in Montreux, Switzerland.