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Dr. Christopher Köttgen

Germany, Mainz

1993–1998: Study of dentistry at the University of Mainz. 1998–2001: Research associate in the Department of Dental Conservation and Periodontology at the University of Mainz. 2000: Doctorate. 2001–2003: Practice-related studies in business administration at the Business Administration Institute of Prof. Dr. Braunschweig, graduating with a degree in health economics. 2001–2004: Employed dentist at the Center for Dentistry and associate at the Private Institute for Periodontology and Implantology Munich with Dr. W. Bolz, Prof. Dr. H. Wachtel, Prof. Dr. M. Hürzeler and Dr. O. Zuhr. Since 2004: Established in own practice in Mainz with focus on implantology, periodontology, functional diagnostics and restorative dentistry. Since 2015: Joint practice with Dr. Ina Köttgen MSc. specializing in functional diagnostics, periodontology, implantology and restorative dentistry. 2017: Publications in numerous journals on the topics of periodontology, implantology, prophylaxis and esthetics. Multiple lecturing activities on the topics of periodontology, prophylaxis, esthetic dentistry and implantology and implant prosthetics and complex treatment planning. Lecturer of the master course " Master Online Periodontology" of the University of Freiburg. Chairman of the Intensive Continuing Education and Continuum Department of the BZKR. Member of the Representative Assembly of the BZK Rheinhessen. Deputy Chairman of the Representative Assembly of the BZK Rheinhessen. Member of the editorial board of "Der junge Zahnarzt" (Springer Verlag).

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Prof. Dr. Markus B. Hürzeler DMD, PhD

Germany, München

The coverage of recessions around teeth is a very successful surgical treatment. The published evidence suggests that periodontal plastic surgeons can very predictably perform these procedures. However, how does reality present? What are the measurement methods and indexes used to support the external evidence? During this lecture, we will look very critically at the evidence we used to support our enthusiasm about the coverage of recession procedures. Second, we will try to answer the raised question in the title of this lecture. Third, the entire thought process will be supported by clinical cases.

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Dr. Otto Zuhr

Germany, München

Otto Zuhr studied dentistry at the University of Aachen from 1986 to 1992. He is board-certified specialist in Periodontology of the German Society of Periodontology (DGParo) and runs a private office together with Marc Hürzeler in Munich, Germany dedicated to periodontology and implant dentistry. With more than 25 years of clinical experience and teaching practice, Dr. Zuhr has become a proven expert in his field well beyond the European borders. From 2007 to 2014 he was board member of the German Society of Periodontology (DGParo) and he`s presently holding an associate professorship position at the Department of Periodontology of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany (Director: Prof. Peter Eickholz). Otto Zuhr has written several refereed scientific articles in the field of periodontology and implant dentistry. His book "Plastic Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery" was published by Quintessence Publishing in 2012. His research activities are focused on oral soft tissue wound healing and oral soft tissue reconstruction.

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Otto Zuhr / Markus B. Hürzeler

Plastisch-ästhetische Parodontal- und Implantatchirurgie

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