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Evert van Amerongen / Maddelon de Jong-Lenters / Luc Marks / Jaap Veerkamp (Editor)

Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry

1st Edition 2009
Hardcover, 144 pages, 270 illus
Language: English
Categories: Pediatric Dentistry, Student literature

Stock No.: 17561
ISBN 978-1-85097-196-2
QP Deutschland

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This collection of 16 dental pediatric case reports addresses a number of clinical problems encountered in the treatment of children and shows how well-known practitioners in the field of pediatric dentistry have solved them. Practical treatment strategies illustrate how to achieve the highest standards in clinical children's dentistry. This book will not only serve as a useful reference for in pediatric dental specialists, but also help general practitioners solve clinical problems related to their pediatric patients.

Chapter 01. Long-Term Management of Early Childhood Caries
Chapter 02. Hypomineralized Molars
Chapter 03. Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type II
Chapter 04. Hypophosphatasia
Chapter 05. Non-operative Management of Dental Caries in the Primary Dentition
Chapter 06. Role of the Pediatric Dentist in Hypodontia
Chapter 07. Erosive Dental Wear
Chapter 08. The Hall Technique: A Novel Method of Using Preformed Metal Crowns
Chapter 09. Potential of Incomplete Caries Excavation to Arrest Active Caries Lesions and to Maintain Pulp Vitality
Chapter 10. Management of Sequelae in the Permanent Incisors After Trauma in the Primary Dentition
Chapter 11. Premolar Autotransplantation After Avulsion of Both Maxillary Central Incisors
Chapter 12. Prosthetic Rehabilitation in a Patient with Ectodermal Dysplasia
Chapter 13. Tongue Piercing
Chapter 14. Complicated Crown Fractures in Two Permanent Incisors
Chapter 15. Traumatic Bone Cyst
Chapter 16. Pulp Therapy in the Primary Molars

Satu Alaluusua • Heikki Alapulli • Veslemøy E. Bjørkeng • Katharina Bücher • Monty Duggal • Ivar Espelid • Dafydd Evans • Mario Fazzi • Roland Frankenberger • Reinhard Hickel • Marie Theresa Hosey • Marie-Charlotte Huysmans • Nicola Innes • Norbert Krämer • Jan Kühnisch • Manfredi Maddalena • Marie-Cècile Manière • Luc C. Martens • Rémy Mathis • Julie Caroline Mitchell • Roeland De Moor • Anne Grethe Myhre • Frédéric Obry • Marleen Peumans • Silvia Pizzi • Andrea Savi • Sven Simonsen • Anne B. Skaare • Ilija Skrinjaric • Gert Stel • Anna Lena Sundell • Marco Tamani
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Cover, van Amerongen/de Jong-Lenters/Marks et al.: Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry
"Overall, the authors have fulfilled their objectives with regard to their target groups. I would go further to suggest that it would also be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students who would benefit from reading the relevant case following a more formal introduction to the topic."
S. Lucey; British Dental Journal (December 2009)

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