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Yoshiyuki Hagiwara

Color Atlas of Fixed Prosthodontics Volume 2

1st Edition 2016
Softcover, 21 x 30 cm, 292 pages, 1368 illus
Language: English
Category: Prosthodontics

Stock No.: 20641
ISBN 978-4-7812-0480-2
QP Japan

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The second volume in the series reviews practical solutions to clinical problems in prosthodontics to achieve success in prosthetic protocols. The author covers tooth preparation for a fixed partial dentures, provisional prostheses, gingival retraction, custom resin trays, final impressions, try-in and cementation, and occlusal adjustment and analysis. Comprehensive illustrations complement the descriptions.

Chapter 17. Tooth Preparation for Posterior Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)
Chapter 18. Tooth Preparation for Anterior Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)
Chapter 19. Posterior Interim (Provisional) Prosthesis
Chapter 20. Anterior Interim (Provisional) Prosthesis
Chapter 21. Posterior Interim (Provisional) FPD
Chapter 22. Anterior Interim (Provisional) FPD
Chapter 23. Gingival Displacement (Retraction)
Chapter 24. Custom Resin Tray
Chapter 25. Final (Definitive) Impression Procedure
Chapter 26. Definitive Restoration Try In, Interim Cementation, Final Insertion
Chapter 27. Occlusal Adjustment
Chapter 28. Occlusal Analysis
Chapter 29. Dental Treatment Skill Improvement-The Concept for the Young Dentists and the Importance to Have a Mentor
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