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Marisa Roncati

Get Sharp

Nonsurgical Periodontal Instrument Sharpening

1st Edition 2011
Softcover, 132 pages, 300 illus
Language: English
Categories: Dental Team, Prophylaxis

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ISBN 978-88-7492-153-9
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Correct sharpening of nonsurgical periodontal instruments is essential for effective prophylaxis. Incorrect sharpening can modify the instrument blade and jeopardize safe treatment, and continued use of a dull instrument can lead to inadequate treatment, partial removal of calculus deposits, and compromised healing. This book simplifies key concepts to ensure restoration of the fine cutting edge as well as maintenance of the original design of the blade.

Chapter 1. Why Sharpen
Chapter 2. When to Sharpen
Chapter 3. Materials for Sharpening
Chapter 4. Anatomy of Nonsurgical Periodontal Instruments
Chapter 5. Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 6. Correct Sharpening Techniques
Chapter 7. Study Questions

Dr. Marisa Roncati RDH, DDS


Marisa Roncati, RDH, DDS, is a dental hygiene teacher at the Albanian University dental school. She also teaches oral laser applications at the University of Parma and Rome University and oral surgery and pathology at the University of Parma. Dr Roncati is a registered dental hygienist and the author of two books published in English: Get Sharp: Nonsurgical Periodontal Instrument Sharpening (Quintessence, 2011) and Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy: Indications, Limits, and Clinical Protocols with the Adjunctive Use of Diode Laser (Quintessence, 2017).

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