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Richard R. Welbury / Terry A. Gregg

Managing Dental Trauma in Practice

Series: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Volume 24
1st Edition 2006
Hardcover, 124 pages, 98 illus
Language: English
Categories: Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

Stock No.: 31231
ISBN 978-1-85097-118-4
QP United Kingdom

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The authors of this book offer expert guidance on diagnosing and treating different forms of dental trauma. Emphasis is placed on the comprehensive care of patients and their damaged teeth following trauma involving the dentition and associated soft tissues. Especially welcome is a chapter on the part dentists may play in identifying cases of child abuse.

Chapter 01. History, Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Chapter 02. Prevention
Chapter 03. Intraoral Soft Tissue Injuries
Chapter 04. Primary Dentition Injuries
Chapter 05. Permanent Dentition: Uncomplicated Crown and Crown-root Fractures: Infractions, Enamel Fractures, Enamel-dentine Fractures, Enamel-dentine-cementum Fractures
Chapter 06. Permanent Dentition: Complicated Crown Fractures: Enamel-dentine-pulp Fractures, Enamel-dentine-pulp-root Fractures
Chapter 07. Permanent Dentition: Root Fractures and Splinting
Chapter 08. Permanent Dentition: Concussion, Subluxation, Lateral Luxation and External Resorption
Chapter 09. Permanent Dentition: Intrusive and Extrusive Luxations
Chapter 10. Permanent Dentition: Avulsion and Reimplantation
Chapter 11. Permanent Dentition: Dento-alveolar Fractures
Chapter 12. Child Physical Abuse
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Cover, Welbury/Gregg: Managing Dental Trauma in Practice

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