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Peer W. Kämmerer / Diana Heimes

Schmerzkontrolle in der Zahnmedizin

Controlling pain in dentistry: Local anesthesia, analgesia, sedation

1st Edition 2024
Hardcover; 21 x 28 cm, 5 Videos, 184 pages, 120 illus
Language: German
Categories: General Dentistry, Oral Surgery

Stock No.: 24370
ISBN 978-3-86867-623-5
QP Deutschland

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Patients decide on the basis of pain-free treatment whether they will come back to a practice or recommend it to others. Pain control is therefore a marketing tool and is still the "business card" of every dental practice. The authors of this book aim to provide assistance for individual and safe pain-free dental treatment, taking into account the increasing number of high-risk patients. They provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the basics of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology; the medical history; and the various options for pain management as well as the accompanying dental medication. The book concludes with a discussion of possible complications. Each chapter ends with questions that check the reader’s knowledge, which are answered in the Appendix.

Chapter 1. Anatomy
Chapter 2. Physiology of pain
Chapter 3. Chemistry and pharmacology of local anesthetics
Chapter 4. Anamnesis and individualized local anesthesia
Chapter 5. Instruments and techniques of dental local anesthesia
Chapter 6. Systemic analgesia as a pillar of analgesia
Chapter 7. Oral sedation and sedation with nitrous oxide
Chapter 8. Intravenous sedation by dentists
Chapter 9. Potential complications of local dental anesthesia
Appendix: Answers to learning check questions in Chapters 1 to 9



Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. med. dent. Peer W. Kämmerer MA, FEBOMFS

Germany, Mainz

Doctor and dentist; Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery; Specialist dentist in oral surgery; Additional qualification in plastic surgery (maxillofacial surgery); University professor for reconstructive oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University Medical Center Mainz

Areas of specialization: Reconstruction of the facial skull: biomaterials, tissue engineering, oncology: tumor biology, tumor prevention, pain and anesthesia, implantology

Author of numerous publications, guidelines; editorial contributions to national and international journals, including: Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine, Clinical Oral Investigations, Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Zeitschrift für Zahnärztliche Implantologie, Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen, wissen kompakt



Dr. med. Diana Heimes

Germany, Mainz

Doctor and dentist; Training assistant in oral and maxillofacial surgery and scientist

Areas of specialization: Oncology and reconstructive surgery, oral regeneration with a special focus on the modification of biomaterials, pain therapy and local anesthesia, implantology, and augmentation surgery

Scientific reviewer for various medical and dental journals and author of over 50 national and international publications on implantology, electrical and mechanical tissue stimulation, care research, pain therapy, and reconstruction as well as basic research in various areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery


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