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Martin Gross

The Science and Art of Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation

1st Edition 2015
Hardcover, 544 pages, 3406 illus
Language: English
Category: Functional Therapy

Stock No.: 19641
ISBN 978-1-85097-215-0
QP United Kingdom

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This exhaustive book provides an overview both of current scholarly concepts and of contemporary clinical practices for managing occlusion in restorative dentistry. With an emphasis on clinical historical context, the book explains the rationale behind treatment concepts and provides evidence-based protocols for simple treatments (e.g. single restorations) to the most involved cases (e.g. fixed and removable prostheses). Featuring overviews of the relevant biological systems and the fundamentals of occlusion as well as pertinent contemporary cases presented by their original practitioners, this book offers detailed, up-to-date information on all aspects of occlusion and oral rehabilitation.

Chapter 01. Occlusion: State of the Science, State of the Art
Chapter 02. The Human Masticatory System
Chapter 03. Fundamentals of Occlusion
Chapter 04. Posterior Support
Chapter 05. Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
Chapter 06. Excursive Guidance
Chapter 07. Occlusion in Implant Dentistry
Chapter 08. Dental Articulators
Chapter 09. Treatment Planning and Diagnosis
Chapter 10. Restoring the Occlusion: Restorative Considerations
Chapter 11. Restoring Classes II and III and Aberrant Jaw Relations
Chapter 12. State of the Art: Esthetic Perspectives
Chapter 13. Restoration of the Periodontally Involved Dentition
Chapter 14. Treatment of Severe Tooth Wear and Bruxism
Chapter 15. Implant Supported Restorations
Chapter 16. Management of Temporomandibular Disorders


Martin Gross BDS, LDS

Martin Gross graduated BDS, LDS at Guys Hospital Dental School, University of London in 1971. He obtained his Masters in Prosthodontics at Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago in 1974. Private practice London—Registrar Guys Hospital. Faculty TAU Dental school departments of occlusion and department of prosthodontics 1978-2009. Specialist in Prosthodontics. Associate Clinical Professor in Oral Rehabilitation. Director of Postgraduate Specialty program TAU 1997-2009. Served as president of the International College of Prosthodontists 2011-2013. Currently involved in clinical research and private practice.

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