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Araujo, Mauricio / Cooper, Lyndon F. / Hämmerle, Christoph / Nevins, Myron / Renouard, Franck / Sanz, Mariano

Dental Campus – Curriculum Implantology

Dental Campus – Curriculum Implantology2 Minutes

Language(s): English
Publication year: 2020
Video source: QVG

Learn from the best—learn implant treatment from start to finish!
This DVD compendium provides more than 120 e-learning lectures, peer reviewed by a global board of renowned experts and sanctioned by exam and CE credits. The contents of the curriculum program are made available by an international network of teaching centers and are structured in modular elements covering the complete field of implant dentistry. Over 40 hours of content gives viewers a more thorough understanding of each topic and allows them to apply this knowledge confidently when treating their patients.

Digipack 1—Learning phases 1-2: Initial Exam/Treatment Planning
• Essentials of 3D radiology
• Treatment planning and therapeutical options
• Implant timing
• Communication with the patient
• Immediate implant placement—factors influencing the esthetic success
• Immediately loaded implants with screw-retained hybrid restorations in edentulous patients—Part I

Digipack 2—Learning phases 3-4: Preparing for Surgery/Pre- and Peri-operative Soft Tissue Management
• Non-surgical periodontal therapy
• The impact of human factors in dentistry
• Ridge alterations after tooth extraction
• Alveolar ridge preservation
• Implant planning
• Dental implants in systemically compromised patients
• Pre- and peri-operative soft tissue management

Digipack 3—Learning phase 5: Implant Placement
• Ceramic as implant material—Different ceramics
• Ceramic and surgery—One-piece implants
• Ceramic and surgery—Two-piece implants
• Implant surgery—Part I
• Implant surgery—Part II
• Minor bone regeneration procedures
• Major bone regeneration procedures
• Sinus floor elevation
• Osseointegration
• Post-operative care and complications
• Immediately loaded implants with screw-retained hybrid restorations in edentulous patients—Part II

Digipack 4—Learning phases 6-8: Post-operative Soft Tissue Management/Prosthetics/Complications and Long-term Results
• Post-operative soft tissue management
• Transitional restorations at implant sites
• Choice of abutments I
• Choice of abutments II
• Ceramic and prosthetics
• Prosthetics: Single crowns
• Biologic complications—Peri-implantitis
• Technical complications
• Long-term results

CE Credits
Get free access for 6 months to Dental Campus, earn CE credits and get a certificate upon successful completion of a module.

Mauricio Araujo • Goran Benic • Florian Beuer • Jerome Chevalier • Christer Dahlin • Nikolaos Donos • Jeffrey Ganeles • Christoph Hämmerle • Frederic Hermann • David Herrera • Stefan Holst • Markus Hürzeler • Reinhilde Jacobs • Ronald E. Jung • Joseph Kan • Niklaus Lang • Nikos Mattheos • Andrea Mombelli • Bjarni E. Pjetursson • Marc Quirynen • Franck Renouard • Irena Sailer • Mariano Sanz • David Schneider • Hendrik Terheyden • Daniel Thoma • Pascal Valentini • Hom-Lay Wang • Tom Wilson • Homa Zadeh • Otto Zuhr

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