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Tomislav Kresic / Wolfgang Kohlbach / Udo Plaster

Dental Erosion

Trailer | Dental Erosion81 Minutes

Category: Dental Technology
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2013
Video source: QVG
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A highly motivated team consisting of dentist (T. Kresic) and dental technicians (W. Kohlbach and U. Plaster) has taken up a topic of increasing relevance in clinical practice. Dental erosion caused by high concentrations of stomach acid in saliva (due to an incomplete seal between the stomach and the esophagus) can have serious consequences, as they result in an irreversible erosion of enamel and dentin. Dental professional are more and more often faced with the need to treat this condition.

The video team around E. Makosch and D. Belz has produced a detailed documentation of a particularly severe case of maxillary and mandibular dental erosion, examining it both from the dentist's and from the dental technician's points of view. This 80-minute video offers recommendations for immediate, predominantly minimally invasive clinical rehabilitation aiming to save as much tooth structure as possible and to preserve and protect it using safe methods.

The focus of the treatment is on the application of novel materials and methods, some of which combine the ideas and wishes of the dental technicians with the results of dental manufacturers' research. Current CAD/CAM technology is included but does not feature as the sole focus of all clinical and laboratory work. Persuasive methods were used for instrumental functional analysis and for transferring the results to the articulator. The lost vertical dimension was restored to its natural height using splint therapy.

This video presents solutions not only for the treatment of this specific case but far transcends the initial clinical challenge by offering data and information on new and interesting dental treatment concepts and the use of new laboratory materials and methods. We invite you to benefit from the experience of a dedicated surgical and laboratory team! We convey our special thanks to the team members for this outstanding documentation which was recorded under such difficult circumstances.

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