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Hannes Wachtel

Esthetic Periodontal Treatment with Microsurgical

Trailer | Esthetic Periodontal Treatment with Microsurgical67 Minutes

Category: Periodontics
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2003
Video source: ZMK-Live
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  1. Instruments and planning
  2. Incision
  3. Split thickness fl ap preparation
  4. Harvesting connective tissue for grafting
  5. Palatal sutures
  6. Transplant insertion and suture
  7. Microsurgical suture

Microsurgical operation to repair two adjacent, exposed root surfaces. The video demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare a coronally advanced split-thickness fl ap with subepithelial connective tissue. To remove connective tissue from the palate, a horizontal incision is required. Ultra-precise microsurgical suturing is the key to obtaining aesthetically perfect results.

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