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Sandro Siervo

Flap design and suturing techniques: key elements for optimal esthetics

Trailer | Flap design and suturing techniques: key elements for optimal esthetics27 Minutes

Category: Periodontics
Language(s): English
Publication year: 2009
Video source: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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The final functional and aesthetic outcomes of any given dental reconstruction are influenced by a series of parameters. In the present presentation we will focus on the correct association between flap design and suturing techniques in order to achieve optimal and stable aesthetic results. The suturing technique is a key issue for optimal primary healing of the designed flaps, thus supporting ideal final position of the soft tissues. This is true in many surgical techniques employed in dental treatments, as guided bone regeneration, implant, periodontal and mucogingival surgery. The desired movement of a particular flap is facilitated by the suturing technique but may also be hampered if the wrong matching pair is selected. It's perceptible that vertical mattress sutures sustain coronal flap movement while horizontal mattress sutures facilitate apical movement of the flap, therefore whenever we will have to move a flap in coronal direction we won't apply a horizontal mattress suture. With the aid of selected clinical cases we will show the best compounding between flap designs and suturing techniques in order to optimize surgical treatment options in dental surgery.

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