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Hideaki Katsuyama

Microscope-enhanced implant dentistry

Trailer | Microscope-enhanced implant dentistry35 Minutes

Category: Implantology
Language(s): Englisch
Publication year: 2009
Video source: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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Implant dentistry is the core part of modern dentistry with numerous scientific backgrounds since last century. Major parts of its development were achieved in 20th century and reached to maturation stage. On the other hand, high demands from patients regarding high esthetics and predictability forcing clinicians to introduce newly innovations into clinical field. We have introduced surgical microscope (Carl-Zeiss Movena and Möller-Wedel Universal 300) with 3-CCD video system (Ikegami) in 2004. Due to its introduction, our approaches and results were enhanced dramatically and playing important role in education. In this presentation, recent surgical approaches enhanced with surgical microscope for implant surgery will be discussed.

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