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Stefan Schultze-Mosgau

Sinus Bone Augmentation with PRP

Trailer | Sinus Bone Augmentation with PRP29 Minutes

Category: Implantology, Surgery
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2003
Video source: ZMK-Live
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  1. Incision technique for lateral sinus fl oor augmentation
  2. Creation of a lateral bone window in the facial maxillary sinus wall
  3. Maxillary sinus fl oor elevation
  4. Chin bone graft harvesting
  5. Retromolar bone harvesting
  6. Sinus fl oor augmentation using autologous bone, beta- tricalcium phosphate (1:1) and PRP

Maxillary sinus augmentation may be indicated in cases where it is desirable to increase the vertical bone stock in the upper lateral tooth region. Maxillary sinus fl oor augmentation entails the implantation of autologous bone or bone replacement material in the spaces between the bony fl oor and elevated membrane of the maxillary sinus. This video demonstrates the techniques for palatal incision, access preparation, and exposure of the facial wall of the maxillary sinus. A diamond drill is used to create a bony window in the facial wall of the maxillary sinus taking care not to perforate the sinus membrane. After completely detaching the basal parts of the membrane, the fl ap is advanced cranially using angular elevation instruments. Regarding the procedure for autologous bone grafting, the steps for incision, prepping and harvesting of monocortical chin bone transplants with a trephine drill are demonstrated. An alternative procedure for harvesting retromolar bone material is also shown. A bone mill is used to particulate the autologous bone material. The autologous bone chips are then mixed 1:1 with beta-tricalcium phosphate (and PRP) and inserted in the sinus fl oor.

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