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  • Quintessence Publishing United Kingdom
Kenneth M. Hargreaves / Harold E. Goodis / Franklin R. Tay (Hrsg.)

Seltzer and Bender's Dental Pulp

2nd Edition 2012
Hardcover, 512 Seiten, 707 Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorie: Endodontie

Artikelnr.: 7108
ISBN 978-0-86715-480-1


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This comprehensive update of a classic text presents the latest research on the dental pulp and its interaction with other tissues, highlighting its central role in both local and systemic health. The second edition has been completely revised to incorporate new chapters featuring the most topical issues in research and clinical practice, including developments in stem cell research and pulpodentin regeneration, the effects of the aging process on the pulp, and the interdependent relationship of the pulp and restorative dental procedures. New contributors bring fresh perspective to topics such as pulpal infections, odontalgia, and the relationship between the pulp and periodontal disease. Each chapter provides an introduction to its major themes for the busy clinician or dental student as well as up-to-date, biologically based clinical recommendations for restorative and endodontic procedures. Practicing clinicians will find this information to be essential to providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

Chapter 01. Development of the Pulpodentin Complex
Chapter 02. Formation and Repair of Dentin in the Adult
Chapter 03. Pulpodentin Complex
Chapter 04. Pulp as a Connective Tissue
Chapter 05. Stem Cells and the Regeneration of the Pulpodentin Complex
Chapter 06. Circulation of the Pulp
Chapter 07. Dental Innervation and Its Responses to Tooth Injury
Chapter 08. Pain Pathways and Mechanisms of the Pulpodentin Complex
Chapter 09. Pharmacologic Control of Dental Pain
Chapter 10. Pulpal Infections, Including Caries
Chapter 11. Molecular Mediators of Pulpal Inflammation
Chapter 12. Interrelationship of the Pulp and Apical Periodontitis
Chapter 13. Repair of Pulpal Injury with Dental Materials
Chapter 14. Caries, Restorative Dentistry, and the Pulp
Chapter 15. Effects of Thermal and Mechanical Challenges
Chapter 16. Interrelationship of Pulpal and Periodontal Diseases
Chapter 17. Root Resorption
Chapter 18. Aging and the Pulp
Chapter 19. Differential Diagnosis of Toothache: Odontogenic versus Nonodontogenic Pain
Chapter 20. Interrelationship of Pulp and Systemic Disease

Margaret R. Byers • Anibal Diogenes • Rena D'Souza • Ashraf F. Fouad • Franklin García-Godoy • Harold E. Goodis • Kenneth M. Hargreaves • Michael A. Henry • Michaell A. Huber • Hideharu Ikeda • Arnold Kahn • Asma Khan • Richard Schwartz • James H. Simon • Stéphane Simon • José F. Siqueira, Jr • Anthony J. Smith • Philip Stashenko • Hideaki Suda • Franklin R. Tay

Kenneth M. Hargreaves DDS, PhD

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Professor and Chair
Department of Endodontics

Departments of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Surgery
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas


Harold E. Goodis DDS

Professor Emeritus
Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences
University of California at San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Department of Endodontics
Boston University Institute for Dental Research and Education–Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Franklin R. Tay BDSc (Hons), PhD

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Associate Professor
Departments of Endodontics and Oral Biology
Georgia Health Sciences University
Augusta, Georgia

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Cover: Hargreaves/Tay/Goodis: Seltzer and Bender's Dental Pulp
"A particular emphasis of this new edition is the role that the dental pulp plays in both local and systemic disease. A current "hot topic" in the field of endodontics is stem cells and the regeneration of the pulpodentin complex. This text provides the astute clinician with the scientific background required to perform such therapies."
Adam J. Grossman, DDS (Alpha Omegan; August 2012)

"Seltzer and Bender's Dental Pulp, Second Edition is an update of the classic text that provides the reader with an exceptional insight into the biology, interactions and responses of the dental pulp. This latest edition comprehensively reviews a broad range of subject matter and introduces stimulating new chapters, such as regenerative endodontics, to its audience. This text would be highly recommended to postgraduates, dental practitioners, and registrars interested in restorative dentistry who aim to deliver accurate diagnoses and clinical management of patients with pulpal conditions."
R. S. Virdi (British Dental Journal; August 2012)

"Overall, Seltzer and Bender's Dental Pulp, 2nd Edition, is an outstanding 10-year anniversary edition of a classic textbook. It is an excellent resource for students, residents, and clinicians alike to use to develop and build on clinical protocols for restorative and endodontic procedures that are founded on evidence-based biological principles."
Christine Sedgley, MDS, MDSc, FRACDS, MRACDS (ENDO), PhD (Journal of Endodontics; May 2012)

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