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Federico Ferraris

Esthetics restaurations with different types of metal-free Materials

Trailer | Esthetics restaurations with different types of metal-free Materials23 Minuten

Rubrik(en): Zahntechnik, Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde
Sprache(n): Englisch
Publikationsjahr: 2009
Video-Quelle: 60 Jahre Quintessenz
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Progress in materials and a minimally invasive approach represent the guidelines of the present tendencies for esthetic restorations. The choice of materials on market nowadays is huge and generally these materials can offer a good prognosis. Knowing the different characteristics and the working protocols to apply to each of them, can help orientate the clinician to make the best choice according to each clinical case. Compared to the past, composites allow better esthetics thanks to their new composition, for example with innovative characteristics such as having a refraction index which is very similar to that of natural enamel. It should be underlined that the possibility of obtaining excellent esthetics is often with total conservation and respect of the healthy tissue. Silica-based ceramics always consent excellent esthetics while offering good translucency; however they require a very strong adhesion to the dental tissue which can be achieved following a strict protocol as minor mechanical-physical characteristics are present and often they are used with non-retentive preparations. Polycrystalline ceramics respond better to mechanical stimulation and are protaganist of the major evolutions of the last years. Through CAD CAM technology these materials are representing a simplification of some protocols, a standardised result of precision compared to convetional procedures, guaranteeing however good esthetics. The clinician can therefore find himself having to manage different restorative approaches with metal free materials according to the clinical indications, chewing and esthetic needs.

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