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What Is The Dental Photography Conference?

Dental photography and scanning are a core part of diagnosis, treatment, documentation, and communication in modern dental practices. But it’s also a field that changes QUICKLY.

And that’s why we founded a conference. All to bring together digital dentists from all over the world to learn what’s new, what’s working, and how to apply it immediately to their practices not only in theory but also practically with a full day of workshops!

If you’re a dental technician, dentist, or practice dental photography in any other capacity, DPC is the event for YOU. Welcome to the community!

Learn from our top experts who have a passion for teaching.

Scientific committee

Dr. Alessandro Devigus

Buelach, Switzerland
Opening remarks Dr. Alessandro Devigus
Standards in Dental Photography Dr. Alessandro Devigus
The main purpose of dental photography is documentation. As much information as possible needs to be recorded under reproducible conditions. There must be standardization of the clinical camera, associated equipment, format, and light- ing of the intra- and extraoral views used in dental photography. The standards described in the 1980s by Wolfgang Bengel are still valid, but they need to be updated and adapted to align with new technologies and procedures.

Today, dental photographs can already be combined with extra- and intraoral scans or cone beam computed tomography images. It seems that three-dimensional (3D) scanning of soft and hard tissue has several advantages over two-dimensional (2D) photography. 3D documentation is already enhancing and will maybe some day replace conventional 2D documentation in our daily work.
BaseLine Oriented Facial Imaging Dr. Panagiotis Bazos
The diagnostic template serves as the point of origin for any facially generated treatment plan in the modern restorative practice. Thus an accurate and precise maxillo-mandibular three dimensional spatial registration will provide the dental team with a flawless workflow, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, when working in either the conventional (analogue) and/or contemporary (digital) modes. The position of the occlusal plane as it relates to the patient and the articulator is an essential link for achieving the functional and esthetic goals of the anticipated treatment. Patient specific anatomic craniofacial landmarks within the frontal, transverse and sagittal planes will be thouroughly explored and analyzed.

Attendees will learn how to mitigate transfer errors and increase accuracy via specific photographic (and radiographic) protocols in addition to utilising a customised registration, aiding both clinicians and technicians to systematically manage the proper spatial orientation of the maxillary cast.

The techniques being explored will include conventional photography, stereoscopy, photogrammetry and 3D scanning.
Lunch Break
Alternatives to DSLR Louis Hardan
Photography is powerful in dentistry, its numerous applications such as diagnosis and treatment planning, legal documentation, publishing and lecturing has made digital photography a standard of care in modern dental practices.

Till few months the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras were the only way in dentistry to take high quality macro images.

Recently, smartphones have come a long way in digital photography due to recent technology development.

The purpose of this lecture and the workshop are to demonstrate the capacity of these devices to take high quality dental images for our daily documentation and to present a new device for mobile photography: the Smile Lite MDP, which is very simple to use and allows to take high quality dental pictures with mobile phones.

Those pictures are useful in different types of documentation and communication, in a feasible teachable and repeatable way, by everyone and for everyday practice.

Bring your cell phone and learn how to take clinical images during the workshop. The workshop will be held twice on Saturday morning and afternoon.
"Making it look great" get the best out of your pictures Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix
Photomicrogrammetry for educational purposes in Dentistry Dr. Carlos A. Ayala Paz
Photogrammetry is commonly used to digitize fields, buildings and archaeological pieces. Merging a sequence of photographs taken at different angles and planes around the object can achieve the same result as a gigantic scanner.

But what happens in very small pieces where the depth of field is compromised? Photomicrogrammetry is a combined technique that allows the construction of digital three-dimensional objects. This could be a new way to help understand morphology with accurate data and make 3d replicas.

This conference aims to give a broad view of the processes involved in the process of creating 3d objects.
Coffee break
The challenge of surgical documentation Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski
Dental Photography@Work ZTM Joachim Werner
Why do you do that and what is it important for?
What do you want to achieve with the pictures?
Which intention do I pursue with the pictures?
How much time do you want to invest?
Is a mobile phone camera enough in the end?
Product photography and patient photography with the same equipment?
Documentation and emotion. Why?
Image processing...cheat or optimize?
My recommendation for the right equipment.
I have been working for over 25 years now.
with dental photography.
One of my most frequent problems was it,
in a relatively short time high-quality photos,
both in the field of product photography,
as well as in patient photography.
In Budapest I would like "LIFE",
my concept of dental photography.
And give answers to the above questions.
Photo Safari
Join us on a guided Budapest photo walk.
Bring good walking shoes, a lightweight poncho (in case it rains) and small bottle of water.
Don’t forget to take your camera with you!
The route may be changed based on local conditions.
Our tour will end at the Déryné Bisztró Grill where we will enjoy a lovely dinner.

Check out this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiJKQCnTOBM

The best pictures will enter our contest with the chance to win a Nikon Z mirrorless camera
Number of participants is limited - first comes first serves
Dinner and Cocktails
Join us for some food and drinks at the end of our Photo Safari (if you have a ticket or by invitation only)

Dr. Carlos A. Ayala Paz

Spain, Sarria

Dental surgeon at San Martín de Porres University (1994–2000), Orthodontist at Cayetano Heredia University (2002–2005) and Master in Stomatology with mention in Orthodontics at the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia (2010-2012). ALADO award winner in 2003 (Latin American Orthodontic Association). Creator of, and instructor of since 2013, the From Macro to Micro Photography course for the comprehensive management of optics and lighting in dental macro photography. Author of: "The Workbook" (2016) Sao Paulo, Brazil: Quintessence Editorial. "Estado del Arte" (2019) A conceptual/photographic catalog of real objects for Galimplant. Co-author of the book: "Keep it Simple" by Paulo Battistella (2016), Sao Paulo, Brazil, Quintessence Editorial, which focuses on the realization, conceptualization and macro photographs of feldspathic ceramic stratification for veneers on refractory dies. Collaborator of the book: "Perlas, the artistic necklace of Morphology" by Tininha Gómez (2017), Sao Paulo, Brazil, Quintessence Editorial, which focuses on the realization and conceptualization of dental morphology made in wax using macro-photographs. Author of the 2018 article: "Focus Stacking Macro Photography: Achieving Ultra-high Resolution and High Magnification in Dentistry", Quintessence of Dental Technology (QDT). Interviewed by Labline Magazine, Volume VII, Issue 03, Autumn, 2017. From Macro to Micro Course Era. The course has been successfully performed over 125 times in 30 countries.


Dr. Panagiotis Bazos DDS

Greece, Aigio

Dr. Panos Bazos received his DDS from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2000. He served as an Assistant Professor at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Division of Primary Oral Health, Los Angeles, CA. from 2005-2007, mentoring undergraduate dental students in the disciplines of Dental Morphology and Restorative Dentistry. Upon returning to Europe, he maintained a private practice limited to esthetic and restorative dentistry in Athens, Greece. In 2011, he founded the Bio-EmulationTM Group which constitutes a global think tank that promotes excellence in dental restorative techniques. In 2016, he completed his postgraduate specialist degree (MClinDent) in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and has qualified with the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MOrth RCS Edin).


Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski DDS, MSc

Poland, Gdansk

He is a dentist and a specialist in implantology and esthetic dentistry Master of Science in Oral Implantology. He obtained the title of doctor in 1993 after graduating from the faculty of dentistry at the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. Since 1996, he has been running his own dental practice specializing in esthetic dentistry and implantology. He is a unsurpassed specialist, treasury of vast knowledge and elite of world implantology. He is an esthetic dentistry specialist. He is also a precursor to the use of 3D printing in Polish dentistry. He has over 25 years of experience in the complex process of implant placement. In his daily work, he puts the patient’s good first. The key to his success is not only the vast knowledge acquired around the world and many years of practice, but above all the active use and understanding of implant planning. He is an invaluable leader of an innovative company, entering a huge step on the dental market with templates for computer navigation – Dental Print 3D. He completed the prestigious postgraduate education program in Seattle at Dr. John Kois. He is an international lecturer in implantology, controlled bone regeneration and esthetics. He is also an international expert and a teacher of dental photography. He lectures actively all over the world, among others in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China. In his free time he is a photographer and filmmaker. Together with his wife Adriana he is specializing in underwater and nature production projects. He works among others in projects for the Discovery Channel.


Dr. Alessandro Devigus

Switzerland, Buelach

Louis Hardan DDS, PhD

Louis Hardan, DDS, PhD, is a professor and the director of the master program in the Restorative and Esthetic Department at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. He received his dental degree in 1989 and continued his postdoctoral education at Saint Joseph University, where he obtained a certificate for basic science in 1993, completed his specialization in restorative and esthetic dentistry in 1995, and completed his PhD in oral biology and materials in 2009. Dr Hardan maintains a private practice in his hometown of Byblos, Lebanon, and he is the scientific director and an honorary and active international member of StyleItaliano. He is also the country chairperson for Lebanon of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Hardan is the inventor of Smile Lite MDP (Smile Line), a device used to take high-quality dental photographs with a mobile phone, for which he won the Best of Class Technology Award in 2017, as well as Posterior Misura (LM instrument), an instrument for shaping direct posterior composites. He has many publications to his name in international journals and has given several international lectures and courses on esthetics, restorative dentistry, and mobile dental photography.


Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix

Spain, Madrid

Javier Tapia Guadix was born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain. He finished dental school at the European University of Madrid in 2003. Working then as associate professor in the prosthetics department during 2004. In 2005 he started his career as professional computer graphics artist, focused on illustration, animation and application development. He founded the company Juice – Dental Media Design for this purpose. He received the Collegiate Merit Award by the Spanish College of Dentists from the 1st Region in 2005, for his collaboration in the commission of new technologies. In 2011 he founded together with Panaghiotis Bazos and Gianfranco Politano the Bio-Emulation group. He actively collaborates with several universities across Europe and is member of GC Restorative Advisory Board. In 2014 he became official reviewer for the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. Then in 2017 he became official reviewer for the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. Javier works in his private practice in Madrid, focused on restorative dentistry and aesthetics. He is an international lecturer with participation in more than 250 congress, hands-on courses and live courses. He published several articles in restorative dentistry, dental photography and computers in dentistry.


ZTM Joachim Werner

Germany, Essen

Born in 1963. 1995 Degree as master dental technician in Düsseldorf. Foundation of the company's own dental laboratory in Essen. Entry into dental photography. 2000 Lecturer, workshop leader and publications, at national and international level for color measuring systems, ceramics and function. 2009 Professional Photography. 2016–2019 Development and direct sales of the JoStage® photo table/eating table Workshops for Product Photography and Patient Photography at the international level. Sale of the dental laboratory. 2019–today Self-employed professional photographer; Focus: dental photography, object photography, portrait photography, event photography, Clinical photography, sports photography, ART photography

Organizer/Event registration

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8180 Bülach
Email: info@dentist.camera
Web: https://dentist.camera

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