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  • Quintessence Publishing United Kingdom
ISSN (print) 0340-4641

QZ - Quintessenz Zahntechnik

Issue cycle: monthly
Language: German

Categories: Dental Technology, Prosthodontics

Editor-in-chief: ZTM Siegbert Witkowski
Coordinating editor: Saphir Robert
QP Deutschland

QZ is a monthly journal for all dental technicians and professionals interested in dental laboratory technology who appreciate independent and objective information-sharing. QZ articles and reports are focused on information that is of practical relevance to the working dental laboratory technician. This journal provides high-quality professional development resources for dental laboratory technicians, as well as dental industry professionals and prosthetically oriented dentists alike. The increasing proliferation of technology in dental laboratory workflows requires that all members of the dental team have a well-founded and up-to-date knowledge base. QZ provides a quick and current response to these needs. It publishes monthly issues throughout the year, providing more than 120 contemporary articles from professionals who work across the broad field of dental laboratory technology and related fields. Special issues on key topics of current interest are published up to six times per year for a concentrated focus on state-of-the-art knowledge and technology.

  • 11 issues per year delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • Large pictures and numerous serial illustrations facilitate the understanding of details and workflows.
  • Represents the entire range of dental laboratory technology: prosthodontics, esthetic dentistry, materials science, orthodontics, management, and training.
  • Mainly provides articles focused on issues relevant to dental laboratory practice, but also on research topics.
  • Subscribers receive free access to journal content via the Journal app.

ZTM Siegbert Witkowski

Germany, Freiburg

Since 1988, Mr. Siegbert Witkowskihas been working as Chief Dental Technician in the Department of Prosthodontics, University Hospital of Freiburg, School of Dentistry (Chair: Prof. Dr. B. Spies; Chair until 2016: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. J.R. Strub). He earned his diploma in Dental Technology from an apprenticeship program in Hannover, Germany. He did postgraduate studies and gained work experience at the following institutions: University of London, Royal Dental Hospital (1983-1984); University of Zürich, School of Dentistry (1984-1986); University of Southern California, School of Dentistry (1986-1988). Mr. Witkowski was certified as a Dental Technician (CDT) by the National Board of Certification of Dental Laboratory Technology (USA) in 1986. In 1991, he earned the diploma of the German Master Dental Technician from the master school in Freiburg, Germany.

Mr. Witkowski was co-editor and -founder of the German journal „Implantologie” [Implantology] (1993-2000). For the monthly journal „Quintessenz der Zahntechnik” [Quintessence Dental Technology] also by Quintessence Publishing (Berlin, Germany) he was serving as editorial board member (1997-2000), vice editor-in-chief (2004-2006) before being appointed as editor-in-chief (2007). In 2001 he was editorial chairman of the „Internationale Zahntechnik Magazin” [International Dental Technology Magazine] published by Flohr Publ. (Rottweil, Germany). He co-authored several book chapters, a textbook for dental students “Curriculum Prothetik” (1. ed. 1994 - 5. ed. 2021), a book on implant prosthodontics „Enossale orale Implantologie aus prosthetischer Sicht“ [Endosseous implantology from the prosthodontic point of view], published in 1996 by Quintessence Publishing and numerous journal articles. In recent past, he co-authored a book on dental CAD/CAM technology together with Prof. Dr. W. Att (Tufts University, Bosten, USA) and Prof. Dr. J.R. Strub (Emeritus, Freiburg) titled “Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry” published by Quintessence Publishing (2019).

Mr. Witkowski is a member of several national and international professional organizations.

Coordinating editor

Saphir Robert


phone: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-659
fax: +49 (0) 30 / 761 80-693
e-mail: robert@quintessenz.de

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QZ - Quintessenz Zahntechnik
ISSN 0340-4641
QZ - Quintessenz Zahntechnik
ISSN 0340-4641

QZ - Quintessenz Zahntechnik, 12/2023