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John M. Whitworth

Rational Root Canal Treatment in Practice

Series: QuintEssentials of Dental Practice, Volume 02
2nd Edition 2014
Hardcover, 144 pages, 188 illus
Language: English
Category: Endodontics

Stock No.: 7379
ISBN 978-1-85097-276-1
QP United Kingdom

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Endodontics is one of the fastest-growing aspects of everyday clinical practice. Linked to the sustained growth in endodontics is the introduction of many new instruments, materials and techniques. Keeping abreast of these diverse developments and applying them to the best advantage clinically is a challenge for the specialist, let alone the hard-pressed dental practitioner. Rational Root Canal Treatment in Practice—Volume 2 of the Quintessentials Series—has been written to help all those practising endodontics to meet this challenge. From anatomical considerations through the "thrill of the fill" and pointers to long-term outcomes, the many complexities of state-of-the-art endodontics are explained and beautifully illustrated in most careful detail.

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Endodontic Disease
Chapter 2. Endodontic Symptomology and Immediate Management
Chapter 3. Preparing for Definitive Treatment
Chapter 4. Entering the Canal System
Chapter 5. Entering "Calcified" Systems
Chapter 6. Creating the Conditions for Periapical Health
Chapter 7. Preserving the Healing Environment
Chapter 8. Assessing the Outcome of Treatment


John M. Whitworth PhD, BChD, FDS, RCS

United Kingdom

John Whitworth has led endodontic teaching and clinical service at Newcastle Dental School and Hospital, UK for more than 20 years. An active teacher, specialist clinician, researcher and scholar, he is a Past President of the British Endodontic Society, served the International Endodontic Journal as Assistant Editor/Deputy Editor in Chief for 10 years, and served the European Society of Endodontology as Chair of its Education and Scholarship Committee and as an Executive Board member. He has published numerous research articles and contributed to a number of standard textbooks.

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