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Robert Sader / Michael Kann / Diether Reusch

Bleaching - Professional Tooth Whitening with Light

Trailer | Bleaching - Professional Tooth Whitening with Light25 Minutes

Category: Esthetic Dentistry
Language(s): English, German
Publication year: 2018
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More and more patients want their dental aesthetics improved through tooth whitening. A bleaching treatment procedure is guaranteed to be sustainable if four factors are present:

• A careful dental examination by the dentist
• High-quality dental prophylaxis performed by trained dental staff
• High-quality tooth bleaching closely supervised by the dentist
• Good domestic oral hygiene, which is a prerequisite for the success of any dental treatment

This DVD presents the different causes of tooth discolouration, explains the differences between cosmetic and medical tooth whitening, uses 3D animation to illustrate the physical principles and visualises the step-by-step workflow of a bleaching procedure. The team of experts adresses the successes, risks and persistence of tooth whitening and reflects on the current state of science as well as the legal framework and economic considerations.

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