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    The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry

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    Kategorien: Esthetic Dentistry, Interdisciplinary, General Dentistry

    Schriftleitung / Chefredaktion: Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger, Prof. Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek
    Koordinierende Redaktion: Kathleen Splieth
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    Official professional journal of:
    International Academy for Adhesive Dentistry (IAAD)

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    New materials and applications for adhesion are profoundly changing the way dentistry is delivered. Bonding techniques, which have long been restricted to the tooth hard tissues, enamel, and dentin, have obvious applications in operative and preventive dentistry, as well as in esthetic and pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. The current development of adhesive techniques for soft tissues and slow-releasing agents will expand applications to include periodontics and oral surgery. Scientifically sound, peer-reviewed articles explore the latest innovations in these emerging fields.

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    Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger

    Deutschland, Marburg

    Prof. Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek

    Belgien, Leuven

    Bart Van Meerbeek obtained his DDS (1988) and PhD (1993) at KU Leuven. In 2005, he became Full Professor and teaches Biomaterial Sciences since 1995. His primary research interest involves studies related to the adhesion of restorative materials to tooth tissue and more recently also on dental zirconia, remineralization and pulp-capping. He is head of the BIOMAT research group at KU Leuven. His research work has been published in more than 400 international peer-reviewed journals and has been honoured with awards such as the Award in Biomedical Sciences of the Research Council of KU Leuven (1998), IADR Young Research Award (2000), 2014 IADR/AADR William J. Gies Award and IADR Wilmer Souder Award (2015). In 2003, he became holder of the Toshio Nakao Chair for Adhesive Dentistry. He was President of the Pan-European Federation of IADR (2006-2007) and is currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer of CED-IADR. Since 2004, he is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Adhesive Dentistry.

    Coordinating editor

    Kathleen Splieth

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    The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry
    ISSN 1461-5185
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    The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry
    ISSN 1461-5185
    The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry
    ISSN 1461-5185

    The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, 01/2022