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Taiwan Association of Aligner Orthodontists

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Taiwan Association of Aligner Orthodontist (TAAO), founded in 2014, provides a platform for academic discussion in aligner orthodontic therapy. The aim of the TAAO is to provide a high-quality treatment outcome by aligner orthodontists. Through arranging aligner orthodontists training programs and assisting the research on clinical aligner therapy. Our motto is “Smile with the heart, without braces."

No. 58, Longxin Street, Guishan District
333 Taoyuan City
+ (0) 965348350taaotaa01234@gmail.comhttp://www.taao.com.tw/public.php

Journals of this partner:

ISSN (print) 2514-7552

Journal of Aligner Orthodontics

Issue cycle: quarterly
Language: English
Category: Orthodontics
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Werner Schupp
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