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Marko Jakovac

Protocol: Standardization in Fixed Prosthodontics

Expected publication: November 2023
1st Edition 2023
Hardcover; 24.5 x 30 cm, 720 pages, 1200 illus
Language: English
Category: Prosthodontics

ISBN 978-1-78698-117-2
QP Deutschland

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Fixed prosthodontic therapy is one of the most demanding disciplines in the field of dentistry. This avenue is usually pursued only after other possibilities have been exhausted, often when the durability of teeth has been reduced, when one or more teeth are missing, or in the presence of conditions that cannot be treated conservatively. Enhance your expertise in this area with this comprehensive text, focusing on all the essential protocols for success at every stage of therapy: planning and performing treatment, evaluating the esthetics and function of restorations, and implementing follow-up practices to maintain long-term success. Discover the importance of meticulous treatment planning to meet the short- and long-term demands and needs of each patient; learn key principles and techniques for effective and minimally invasive tooth preparation; avoid common mistakes caused by rushing into procedures without proper guidance; embrace the latest in recently developed techniques and technologies for creating high-quality prosthetic restorations; explore the intricacies of cementation for optimum adhesion and retention; and learn how to strategize for long-term restoration success and oral health. Whether you’re an experienced clinician or an ambitious dental professional seeking to expand your practice, the protocol-driven approach advocated in this text will equip you to achieve consistent and exceptional results with fixed prosthodontic therapy.

Co-authors: Dragan Stolica • Nino Marcutti • Michele Temperani • Domagoj Vražić • Damir Šnjarić • Iva Kutleša Oroši • Sanda Radović

Initial Examination & Communication
•    Virtual Planning

Pre-Prosthetic Therapy
•    Surgery
•    Hygiene
•    Periodontology
•    Restorative Dental Medicine
•    Endodontics
•    Orthodontics
•    Teeth Whitening

Prosthetic Therapy Planning
•    Documentation
•    Communication – Doctor & Technician
•    Analogue And Digital Planning

Wax-Up / Mock-Up

Teeth Preparation
•    Mock-Up And Guided Tooth Preparation
•    First Preparation
•    Second Preparation

•    Analogue Impression
•    Digital Impression

Bite Registration
Additional Information
In-Office Provisionals

•    Analogue Models
•    Digital Models

•    Analogue Articulator
•    Digital Articulator

Interocclusal Relation Transfer
•    Cross Mounting Technique
•    Digital Overlapping

Laboratory Provisionals
•    Milling Machines

Analogue Finalising (Layering Technique)
Digital Finalising (Staining Technique)
•    Temporary Cementation
•    Permanent Cementation
•    Indications for the types of Cementation




Prof. Dr. Marko Jakovac PhD, DMD

Croatia, Zagreb

Marko Jakovac was born on October 4th, 1974, in Zagreb, where he finished primary and secondary school. He graduated in 1993 and in the same year, he entered the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb. The Ministry of Science and Technology awarded him a scholarship in 1997 due to his high-grade point average during his studies. In 1998, he graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb and began his internship. In 1999, he passed the state exam. In the same year, he enrolled in postgraduate studies in the field of dentistry. He was admitted to the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb as a junior research assistant in 2001. In 2002, he became an assistant and began his specialization at the Department of Prosthodontics. He completed his master’s degree in 2003 under the mentorship of Prof Jasenka Živko-Babić, DMD, PhD. In 2005, he passed the specialist exam. He completed his doctoral dissertation in 2008. Since 2009, he has been an assistant professor at the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics and head of the course for professional development of doctors of dental medicine called “Advanced grinding techniques in fixed prosthodontics”. Since 2010, he has been the head of the postgraduate course “Aesthetics of fixed prosthodontic restorations on teeth and implants”. Since 2012, he has been the holder of the undergraduate course “Preclinical and laboratory fixed prosthodontics”. He won the dean’s award for the best teacher in 2013 and introduced a new undergraduate course “Microscope in dental medicine”. Since 2015, he has been an associate professor at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, and since 2018, Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies. He became the head of the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics in 2021 and head of the course Fixed Prosthodontics. Since 2023 he is a full-time professor at the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics. He is the author of the textbook “Preclinical and Laboratory Fixed Prosthodontics” and has written numerous chapters in other textbooks at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. As an author and co-author, he wrote several scientific and professional papers. He is a mentor for more than 30 graduate theses and 5 master’s degrees. He participated in numerous projects and grants in the Republic of Croatia. He is a lecturer and organizer at a large number of international and domestic congresses and courses for the permanent training of doctors of dental medicine. He cooperates and teaches as a KOL with the companies such as Ivoclar Vivadent, Carl Zeiss and Dentsply Sirona. He is a founder and vice-president of the Croatian Society of Minimal Intervention in Dental Medicine, founder of the European Academy of Digital Dentistry and a member of the Croatian Prosthodontic Society, the Croatian Society for Dental Implantology, the Croatian Medical Association and the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine. Lastly, he is the owner of Aesthetica polyclinic and Ae Vision educational centre.

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