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About us

At Quintessence Publishing, we're dedicated to advancing dental education and knowledge. Our comprehensive range of formats, including books, many peer-reviewed journals, events, videos, webinars and podcasts, caters to the needs of dental professionals and students alike. Written by leading experts in the field, our dental publications feature the latest procedures, techniques and patient outcomes in dentistry and are highly illustrated. With a commitment to quality that is unmatched in dental publishing, the Quintessence name is synonymous with excellence.

Founded in 1949 in Berlin, Germany, the company initially published German-language journals and books in dentistry. The first English-language journal, Quintessence International, was launched in 1969 following the opening of the company's US office in Chicago. Since then the company has expanded its operations worldwide, establishing additional offices in London, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, São Paulo, Prague, Milan, Istanbul, Warsaw, and Delhi. In addition, publishing partners in Bulgaria, China, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Romania oversee the publication of translated editions of Quintessence books and journals.

Today the company's publishing activities encompass 50 professional journals, more than 1000 book titles (many in multiple languages) and various multimedia products. Addressing the education and information needs of both the dental student and the experienced practitioner, Quintessence publications have earned many prestigious international prizes and awards.

In addition to its various publishing activities, Quintessence regularly sponsors continuing education seminars around the world, ranging from small-scale workshops to large international conferences.

As part of its commitment to innovative, high-quality publishing, Quintessence has actively sought new ways to use emerging media technology for the electronic transfer of information, which is reflected in its online journal editions, digital journals, videos, webinars and podcasts.