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About us

KVM Publishing specializes in high-quality professional media in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy. Our trademark is beautifully illustrated professional books that impress with their clarity of content and structure. We cooperate with renowned authors and editors to guarantee our readers scientifically based content.

In the professional environment, KMV is particularly known for its high-quality illustrated guides for practitioners in the fields of dermatology, esthetic medicine, general medicine, and surgery as well as for its top-class training material for physiotherapists. The ambitious goal of the KMV textbook concept is to impart expert-level, practical knowledge in a hands-on style. High-quality clinical photograph series and intricate illustrations are embedded in a didactically clear structure comprising a text–image composition. The specialty of our graphic designers is the transfer of anatomical details to the clinical patient image, creating vivid illustrative material showing the methods used by therapists with many years of experience. In this way, readers receive all the information they require to immediately apply the learned techniques in the practice.

In addition to the production of books, KVM Publishing also offers a wide range of on-demand services for our partners in medicine, science, and industry. The production of high-quality anatomical graphics and posters, the design of advertising material for pharmaceutical companies, private label book productions, patient guides, and practice brochures are among our first-class references. We also offer a wide range of textbooks. With an exceptional degree of commitment, creativity, and reliability, we accompany the production steps of your publication – from the initial idea to the finished print file. Close supervision and support of the authors through project management, joint concept development, competence in editing and graphics, and smooth procedures in the production processes characterise our production method.