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Robert Sader / Michael Kann / Diether Reusch


Professional Tooth Whitening with Light

1st Edition 2019
Mediabook; Laufzeit | runtime: 21 min
Language: German, English
Categories: Esthetic Dentistry, Prophylaxis

Stock No.: C2118
ISBN 978-3-86867-415-6
QP Deutschland


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Long-term tooth whitening is achievable when it is performed by trained dental staff, closely supervised by a knowledgeable dentist, and supported by good at-home oral care. This DVD is a great refresher for office staff. It presents the causes of tooth discoloration, explains the differences between cosmetic and medical tooth whitening, illustrates the physical principles through 3D animation, and visualizes the step-by-step workflow of a tooth whitening procedure. In addition, a team of experts provides answers on how to consistently achieve long-term success in tooth whitening and explores some of the associated risks. They also reflect on the current science as well as legal and economic considerations. The accompanying booklet outlines the materials used and includes a checklist of information to capture in patient medical and dental histories and the initial consultation.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Sader

Germany, Frankfurt

Michael Kann


Dr. Diether Reusch

Germany, Westerburg
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Cover, Sader/Reusch/Kann, Bleaching
Trailer | Bleaching - Professional Tooth Whitening with Light25 Minutes