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Matthias Rzeznik

Clinical Periodontics

A Modern and Preventive Approach

Expected publication: September 2023
1st Edition 2023
Hardcover; 21 x 28 cm; incl 94 Videos, 312 pages, 553 illus
Language: English
Category: Periodontics

ISBN 978-1-78698-140-0
QP Deutschland

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This book describes a simplified and innovative approach to the prevention and management of periodontal diseases. Learn the keys to success as you follow diverse clinical cases and study the accompanying tips for working with patients and making tailored recommendations for dental hygiene products and protocols. Accurate observations and diagnoses as well as the ability to discuss treatment with your patients so that they understand their important role in the maintenance of periodontal health are critical for providing effective, simple, and pain-free treatment. The details of each step in the management process are thoroughly covered, from first consultation to follow-up maintenance. You will find plenty of photographs and explanatory clinical videos to help you put these therapies into practice right away!

Chapter 01. Etiology and Epidemiology of Periodontal Disease
Chapter 02. Diagnosis and Clinical Implications of Periodontal Disease
Chapter 03. Psychologic Aspects of the Periodontal Consultation: The Five Key Points
Chapter 04. Optimization of Periodontal Outcomes: Birth of a Philosophy
Chapter 05. The Therapeutic Alliance
Chapter 06. The Medical and Oral Health Context
Chapter 07. Tools for Periodontal Debridement
Chapter 08. Reevaluations
Chapter 09. Treatment of Periodontal Disease
Chapter 10. Surgical Tools for Periodontal Treatment
Chapter 11. Periodontal Maintenance
Chapter 12. Periodontics and Orthodontics
Chapter 13. Periodontal Splinting
Chapter 14. Conclusion

In collaboration with Adrian Brun, Sébastien Jungo and Frédéric Chamieh


Matthias Rzeznik Dr.


Doctor of Dental Surgery. Graduated from the Faculty of Reims in 2010. Former university hospital assistant in periodontics, University of Paris-Descartes, Bretonneau Hospital. Master 2 oral clinic specializing in periodontics (University of Paris V). European inter-university diploma in implantology (University of Corsica). Practice limited to periodontics and implantology (Lille). President of the Paro Clap Association.

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Cover, Rzeznik: Clinical Periodontics

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