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Jean-François Lasserre


L'art et la nature dans les restaurations céramiques

1st Edition 2021
Two Volume Hardcover with Slipcase, 786 pages, 2400 illus
Language: French
Categories: Restorative Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry, Dental Technology, Prosthodontics

Stock No.: F0476
ISBN 9782366150476
QP France


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De nombreux ouvrages ont déjà été écrits à propos des reconstructions dentaires en céramique mais il reste toujours un espace pour l’observation de la Nature et pour créer une FUSION entre Art et Science. L’observation de la nature est la clé de toute créativité en dentisterie restauratrice, que ce soit pour la reproduction des caractérisations, des états de surface ou celle de l’anatomie fonctionnelle.

L’auteur, entouré d’une équipe internationale de praticiens chevronnés, a réuni dans un seul ouvrage, grâce à un sens artistique et une observation aiguë de la nature, une synthèse de la dentisterie restauratrice actuelle incluant mimétisme, dentisterie adhésive a minima, exploitation optimale des nouvelles céramiques et intégration fonctionnelle.


Prof. Dr. Jean-François Lasserre PhD, DDS

France, Bordeaux

Born in 1960 in Bordeaux, Jean-François Lasserre, PhD., DDS, graduated from the University of Bordeaux 2 in 1983. Following his DEA in anthropology, in 1994 he became an associate professor in the Prosthetic department of the Dental faculty of the University of Bordeaux. In 2003 he defended his University Doctoral Thesis on the topic of dental wear in modern and historical population, developing and introducing a chewing simulator device to study the in vitro wear of novel ceramic and composite dental materials. For more than 15 years, he has been teaching Occlusion, to later dedicate himself to research and teaching of dental esthetics and ceramic restorations. He has authored numerous articles in national and international journals and has frequently presented lectures in France and abroad, dedicated to esthetic ceramic restorations. Jean-François Lasserre practices at the University Dental Hospital Center but also owns a private clinic in Bordeaux specializing in dental esthetics, implantology, and prosthetics. He is a founder of the research and educational group for dental esthetics named “Symbiose.” For many years Jean-François Lasserre has been a Vice Dean of the Dental Faculty, in charge of the international relations, and has been granted the Honoris Causa as well as the title of Associate Professor by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP) in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He is also Associate Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Luliu Hatieganu” in Cluj-Napoca in Romania.