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Douglas Deporter / Mohammad Ketabi (Editor)

Immediate Molar Implants

1st Edition 2023
Hardcover; 21.6 x 27.9 cm, 252 pages, 725 illus
Language: English
Category: Implantology

Stock No.: B9547
ISBN 978-0-86715-954-7


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There is no one way to approach immediate implant placement in molar sites, but each technique has the same prerequisites: careful case selection and planning, good working knowledge of anatomy and bone biology, expertise in localized and indirect sinus floor elevations, and knowing when and how to use particulate bone grafting. But even with such knowledge, clinicians still need guidelines to show them how to achieve predictable success. This book is that guide. It brings together clinical experts in the field who having been leading the research on immediate molar implants over the last decade and it describes the current best practices to ensure implant success. Emphasis is placed on assessment of the implant site, particularly regarding classification of the molar septum bone, and how to achieve optimal implant positioning within the molar socket. The role of digital treatment planning and guided surgery is discussed, as are application of bone grafts and other biomaterials to enhance healing. Immediate molar implants have become a more viable treatment option than ever before, and this book will help clinicians move forward with confidence.

Chapter 01. Introduction to Immediate Molar Treatment Options
Chapter 02. Radiographic Screening for Immediate Molar Implant Placement
Chapter 03. Immediate Mandibular Molar Implant Placement
Chapter 04. Immediate Maxillary Molar Implant Placement
Chapter 05. Immediate Implant Placement in Infected Molar Sites
Chapter 06. Vertical Ridge Augmentation in Conjunction with Immediate Implant Placement
Chapter 07. Osseodensification for Immediate Implant Placement
Chapter 08. Ultra-Wide Immediate Molar Implants
Chapter 09. Press-Fit Immediate Molar Implants
Chapter 10. Guided Surgery for Placing Immediate Molar Implants
Chapter 11. Modifications to Immediate Molar Implant Placement Protocols
Chapter 12. Prosthetic Considerations and Loading Protocols for Immediate Molar Implants
Chapter 13. Common Complications with Immediate Molar Implant Placement

Andrew Ackermann • Tanatorn Asvaplungprohm • Ehsan Birang • Samvel Bleyan • Sang-Choon Cho • Shadi Daher • Maziar Ebrahimi Dastgurdi • Massimo Del Fabbro • Douglas Deporter • Vahid Esfahanian • Nasim Farkhani • Marcello Ferrer • Stuart J. Froum • Howard Gluckman • Andre Hattingh • Salah Huwais • Jaffer Kermalli • Mohammad Ketabi • Ali Akbar Khoshkhounejad • Nikfam Khoshkhounejad • Hyongsup Kimm • Martin Leung • Maryse Manasse • Mauro Marincola • Rodrigo Neiva • Sourav Panda • Klenise Paranhos • Viraj Patel • Adriano Piattelli • Azadeh Rahmati • Charles Schwimer • Miguel Simancas-Pallares • Richard Smith • Dong-Seok Sohn • Silvio Taschieri • Margherita Tumedei • Buddhapoom Wangsrimongkol • Yung Cheng Paul Yu

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Cover, Deporter/Ketabi: Immediate Molar Implants

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