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William E. Mason

The Dentist's Guide to Atraumatic Extractions

1st Edition 2023
Softcover; 21,6 x 28 cm, 144 pages, 467 illus
Language: English
Categories: General Dentistry, Implantology, Periodontics, Oral Surgery

Stock No.: B1391
ISBN 978-1-64724-139-1


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Traditional methods of tooth extraction involve raising flaps and luxating the tooth to force it out of the bone. This often results in significant trauma and ridge resorption, which can compromise future implant placement. In this book, the author details his atraumatic extraction technique, which relies on systematic removal of root structure to protect the socket from deformation and thereby maintain the patient’s original jaw anatomy and facial structure. With the root space creation extraction technique (RSCET), root structure is removed to allow space for the remaining tooth structure to be maneuevered and manipulated instead of pushed into the adjacent bony walls, thereby protecting the bone from trauma and resportion. Every tooth in the mouth can be removed atraumatically, and this book shows every step of the process and the tools required, including tips on atraumatic anesthesia.

Chapter 01. Introduction
Chapter 02. General Principles of the Atraumatic Extraction Technique
Chapter 03. Atraumatic Anesthesia
Chapter 04. Clinical Application of the Atraumatic Extraction Technique and Root Space Creation Extraction Technique
Chapter 05. Atraumatic Extractions in the Anterior Maxilla: Find the Best Exit Route
Chapter 06. Atraumatic Extractions in the Anterior Mandible: Watch Out for Thin Bone
Chapter 07. Atraumatic Extraction of the Mandibular Premolars: Bone Is Dense
Chapter 08. Atraumatic Extraction of the Maxillary Premolars: Easy Does It
Chapter 09. Atraumatic Extraction of the Maxillary Molars: Divide and Conquer
Chapter 10. Atraumatic Extraction of the Mandibular Molars: Divide and Divide Again, Then Conquer
Chapter 11. Socket Debridement
Chapter 12. Using an Atraumatic Root Extraction Device


William E. Mason DDS, MS

United States of America

William E. Mason, DDS, MS, received his DDS and MS from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1981 and 1984, respectively, and has since managed a private practice specializing in periodontics and dental implants. Since 1991, he has placed over 5,000 dental implants. Dr Mason teaches periodontal residents as a member of the Dean’s Faculty in the Graduate Periodontics Clinic at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and regularly demonstrates surgery to the dental hygiene students at Delta College. Dr Mason has presented lectures to numerous dental societies throughout Michigan and has published articles in several professional journals. He has also developed three dental instruments and patented one of these—the Palatal Anesthesia Device (PAD)—to help alleviate the pain of palatal injections. He markets all three instruments on masterdentalonline.com.

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Cover, Mason: The Dentist's Guide to Atraumatic Extractions

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