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  • Quintessence Publishing United Kingdom
Michael Cohen (Hrsg.)

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

Volume 2: Comprehensive Case Studies

1st Edition 2011
Hardcover, 536 Seiten, 1226 farbige Abbildungen
Sprache: Englisch
Kategorien: Fachübergreifend, Restaurative Zahnheilkunde, Zahnheilkunde allgemein

Artikelnr.: 7173
ISBN 978-0-86715-501-3


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Volume II of Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning paved the way to a higher level of proficiency in case planning by introducing and illustrating essential principles employed by master clinicians in their quest for predictability and excellence. Each contributor's section concluded with a treatment planning case for readers to undertake, testing their true understanding of the principles introduced in that chapter. This second volume takes readers to the next important step: learning by repetition through the presentation of additional cases treated by master clinicians from every specialty. Each is introduced by the clinician, who provides the rationale for choosing the particular case, a suggested focus in treatment plan design, key elements to consider when planning the case, and what the reader can expect to learn from the process. The case presentations follow the format established in the first volume: Diagnostic findings and pretreatment images are presented first to allow the reader to develop a treatment plan, then the master clinician's proposed treatment plan and account of actual treatment provided are detailed, accompanied by treatment and posttreatment images. Continuing the innovative educational approach of the bestselling first volume, this book provides the opportunity to learn through the experience of developing comprehensive treatment plans under the guidance of master clinicians.

Chapter 01. Combining Orthodontic and Restorative Therapy in Complex Cases
Chapter 02. Functional Considerations in Treatment Planning the Biomechanically Compromised Dentition
Chapter 03. Managing Treatment for the Restorative Patient with Significant Maxillary Anterior Bone Loss
Chapter 04. The Papilla Between Adjacent Implants: Treatment Planning to Optimize Esthetic Outcomes
Chapter 05. Smile Design: From Digital Treatment Planning to Clinical Reality
Chapter 06. Autotransplantation to Replace an Ankylosed Maxillary Anterior Tooth in a Young Patient
Chapter 07. Anterior Wear: Orthodontic and Restorative Management
Chapter 08. Biometric Determinants of Tooth and Gingival Esthetics
Chapter 09. Endodontic Failure in the Esthetic Zone: Interdisciplinary Decision Making
Chapter 10. Complex Full-Mouth Implant-Supported Reconstruction
Chapter 11. Digital Image Morphing for Collaborative Treatment Planning
Chapter 12. Management of Patients with Missing/Abnormally Proportioned Teeth, Part II
Chapter 13. Designing the Fixed Implant-Supported Reconstruction for the Fully Edentulous Patient
Chapter 14. Minimizing the Liability of Re-entry: A Clinician's Projection of Risk
Chapter 15. Management of an Esthetic Implant Complication
Chapter 16. The Periodontal-Prosthodontic Interface Around Natural Teeth and Implants
Chapter 17. A Comprehensive Approach to a Complex Case of Dysgnathia
Chapter 18. A Path to Interdisciplinary Care for the Dental Team
Chapter 19. The Difficult Deep Bite Dilemma

Marcelo A. Calamita • Nitzan Bichacho • Murilo Calgaro • Yen-Wei Chen • Christian Coachman • Stephen J. Chu • Eric Van Dooren • George Duello • Stefano Gracis • Galip Gürel • Jim Janakievski • Greggory Kinzer • John C. Kois • Vincent G. Kokich • Vincent O. Kokich • Glenn D. Krieger • Cobi J. Landsberg • Sonia S. Leziy • Siegfried Marquardt • Brahm A. Miller • Ricardo Mitrani • Tal Morr • Henry I. Nichols • Robert "Tito" Norris • Ariel J. Raigrodski • J. William Robbins • Anthony G. Sclar • Ward M. Smalley • Dennis P. Tarnow • John D. West


Michael Cohen DDS, MSD

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Dr. Cohen erwarb den DDS an der McGill University in Montreal, seinen Master und die Zertifizierung in Parodontologie an der University of Washington School of Dentistry; dort ist er als Assistenzprofessor im Departement für Parodontologie tätig. Dr. Cohen hat zahlreiche Artikel über Fortbildung verfasst, er hat in den vergangenen 30 Jahren national und international Vorträge gehalten. Er betreibt eine auf Parodontologie und Implantologie spezialisierte Privatpraxis in Seattle. Der Seattle Study Club ist Dr. Cohens geistiges Kind: eine Organisation für Fortgeschrittenenkurse, die Kliniker zur Verbesserung des praktischen Niveaus ihrer Tätigkeit versammelt. Diese internationale „Universität ohne Gebäude“ besteht derzeit aus etwa 210 Gruppen mit mehr als 6.000 Mitgliedern weltweit. Dr. Cohen ist auch der Herausgeber des SSC-Journal, einer vierteljährlich erscheinenden interdisziplinären Publikation über Behandlungsplanung, die längst akademische Anerkennung gefunden hat.

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Cover, Cohen: Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning Vol 2
"The aim of the book, and its predecessor, is to highlight the importance and demonstrate the manner in which careful treatment planning of each patient's requirements can lead to greater 'predictability and excellence' with treatment outcomes. As with all publications from the Quintessence publishing company, this book is beautifully illustrated with superb intra-oral and clinical photographs, and is comparable with any 'coffee table' book one may find in an elegant home. [...] Overall, the book offers a great deal of information, together with beautiful dental photography. It provides an opportunity to improve one's treatment planning abilities and to learn from the experiences of master clinicians. It is a commendable achievement by the editor and will serve as a worthwhile resource for the profession."
Dominic Belcastro; Alpha Omegan (December 2012)

"Exploring the essentials of Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, Volume II is another remarkable journey into interdisciplinary treatment planning. From patient concerns to data collections, through to the thought processes that went into developing the master plan, and ultimately to the resolution of the initial set of concerns, this text devotes considerable attention to the diagnostic phase with input from several specialties. The clinician becomes acutely aware of the nuances of and correlations between tooth sizes, tooth position, gingival levels, occlusal status, implant placement, and periodontal condition."
Alex Selby; Australian Orthodontic Journal (November 2012)

"What makes this text work is how well put together it is. The language is clear; the subjects, while complex, are organized very understandably; and the photos add greatly to the discussions. This is an interesting and informative book, and would be a valuable addition to any dental library."
Todd Belfbecker, DMD; Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society (June 2012)

"Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, Volume II, is a comprehensive and valuable resource that will be retrieved often, for review and guidance, by any dentist or graduate student who makes it part of his or her personal library."
Frank C. Barnashuk, DDS; The New York State Dental Journal (April 2012)

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