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AAO Annual Session 2024 is the most highly anticipated orthodontic event of the year — uniting practitioners across the specialty in New Orleans and online to strengthen the profession.

What makes Annual Session special? You do. Our attendees represent the largest and most actively engaged community of orthodontists and ortho teams in the field. We’ve designed a more curated experience to help you navigate the agenda and put your goals front and center. Create a personalized program that addresses your top priorities with five dedicated education tracks accessible from anywhere, plus in person experiences focused on expanding your technological capabilities and professional connections on-site.

Annual Session still offers the most reliable, evidence-based orthodontic education in the field — featuring up to 15.5 hours of CE credits and content inclusive of all job roles — to complete your requirements and advance your entire team.

Annual Session is presented by the American Association of Orthodontists, an organization with a 120-year legacy representing orthodontists throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Organizer/Event registration

American Association of Orthodontists
401 North Lindgerh Boulevard MO 63141-7816
St. Louis
United States of America
Phone: 001 - 314-9931700

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