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Peter Katz / Anna Katz

Dentistry in Art

The Treasury of Visual Art from the Dawn of History to the Present

1st Edition 2011
Hardcover, 218 pages, 242 illus
Language: English
Categories: Interdisciplinary, History of medicine, Science and Research, General Dentistry

Stock No.: 7430
ISBN 978-0-615-47715-2


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This book presents a superb collection of art, reflecting the dentist's role in society and the relationship between doctor and patient through the history of civilization. It contains an international selection of artwork, tracing both the history of art and the development of dentistry from ancient times to the present day, illustrating changes, perceptions, and applications of dentistry through varied styles and artistic media. A short presentation of the artist and the subject of his artwork accompany each work of art.

Chapter 01. A Passion for Collecting
Chapter 02. Ancient Time
Chapter 03. Ancient Instruments
Chapter 04. Middle Ages: Period Between the Fifth and Fifteenth Centuries
Chapter 05. St. Apollonia: The Patron Saint of Dentistry
Chapter 06. Renaissance Period in Europe (1450-1600)
Chapter 07. Dental Instruments
Chapter 08. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries in Europe
Chapter 09. The Dental Drill
Chapter 10. Dentistry in the United States
Chapter 11. Early Twentieth-Century Art Paintings
Chapter 12. Evolution of Patient Position in Dentistry
Chapter 13. Historical Perspectives on Position of Patient and Dentist in Art
Chapter 14. Dental Chairs
Chapter 15. Dental Anxiety
Chapter 16. European Sculptors
Chapter 17. American Sculptors
Chapter 18. Modern Art of Dentistry
Chapter 19. Modern Paintings
Chapter 20. Our Little Patients in Art
Chapter 21. Dental Humor in Art

Peter Katz PhD


Anna Katz DDS

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Cover, Katz/Katz: Dentistry in Art

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