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  • Quintessence Publishing United Kingdom
Hajime Igarashi / Senichi Suzuki / Masafumi Wakita / Taichiro Shono / Taichiro Morimoto / Kiyonori Arai (Editor)

Orofacial Muscle Training During the Provisional Restoration Therapy

Volume 1: Facial Profile Analysis, Classification, and Training

1st Edition 2018
Hardcover, 21 x 29,7 cm, 160 pages, 600 illus
Language: English
Categories: Functional Therapy, Implantology

Stock No.: 7542
ISBN 978-4-7812-0490-1
QP Japan


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This new implant rehabilitation series considers the patient's longevity and overall physical health, rather than just esthetics, to provide a completely new approach to patient consultation and implant therapy. The authors treatment plan with consideration for the deterioration of orofacial muscles and explain methods for recovering function and rehabilitating the patient's entire expression. The authors bring a decade of research on how to recover the patient's lost function with implant placement and immediate loading. Treatments performed using the orofacial muscle training described in this book will lead to marked improvements in patient function. Orofacial muscle training during immediate loading with an implant-supported provisional restoration will improve facial appearance as well as the function of the facial expression and masticatory muscles. Treating not only the dental issues but also the patient's posture and muscles of facial expression improves the outcome of treatment dramatically. Filled with cases of orofacial muscle training collected by the International Society of Osseointegration (ISO) and the Japanese Academy for International Dentistry (JAID), this book is the clinician's guide to creating treatment goals together with patients.

Chapter 1. Implant Treatment Prolongs Healthy Life Expectancy
Chapter 2. Facial Profile Analysis, Classification, and Profile Type
Chapter 3. Orofacial Muscle Training during the Provisional Restoration Phase
Chapter 4. Function of Orofacial Muscles for Rehabilitation
Chapter 5. Fabrication of the Provisional Restoration and Transition to the Definitive Prosthesis

Dr. Hajime Igarashi

Japan, Kyoto
Hajime Igarashi. D.D.S.Ph.D. I graduated from Asahi University School of dentistry in 1988. My Mentor is Dr.Dennis.G.Smiler in Los Angels for training in implant surgery and prosthodontics. I have placed over 2500 immediate loaded implants for complete edentulous patients. I have published 4 books about Oral Implant Rehabilitation involving a book translated in English from Qintessence of JAPAN. Board member of ICOI JAPAN. Japanese Society of Oral implantology.

Dr. Senichi Suzuki

Clinical professor of Nihon University, President-Elect of ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Former adjunct Professor of University of Southern California, Board of Regent of ADI Academy of Dentistry International, Honorary Professor of Yantai Stomatological Hospital China, President of Ebina Dental Association, CEO of Lion Medical Corporation
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Cover: Orofacial Muscle Training During the Provisional Restoration Therapy

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