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Ronaldo Hirata

Recipes for Composite Restorations

1st Edition 2022
Hardcover; 25 x 25 cm, 456 pages, 1076 illus
Language: English
Categories: Restorative Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry

Stock No.: 7715
ISBN 978-1-64724-101-8


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Although many dental manuals have been called "cookbooks", none has ever embraced the style so fully as this new book. In its pages, the practitioner is fully reimagined as a master chef, and 26 esthetic restorative protocols are presented as gourmet recipes, ready to be learned and savored. The purpose of this book is to encourage true mastery of the fundamentals while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Dr Hirata demonstrates how to make the most of composite materials by focusing on the details and techniques that can really improve the final results. In restorative dentistry, the key is to use the right materials with the best technique. However, that is not enough. Any chef knows that once you have learned the fundamentals, your best work must also reflect your personal character, and the same goes for the work of restorative dentists. By focusing on the skillful use of the right ingredients and tools, this tour de force will teach you how to take the heat and take your restorative protocols to the next level. Keep it simple. Master the basics.

Chapter 01. At-Home Bleaching
Chapter 02. In-Office Bleaching
Chapter 03. Microabrasion
Chapter 04. Rubber Dam
Chapter 05. Posterior Class I Composite Restorations (Recipe A)
Chapter 06. Posterior Class I Composite Restorations (Recipe B): Achromatic Enamel
Chapter 07. Posterior Class I Restorations Using Bulk-Fill Composites with Flowable Consistency
Chapter 08. Posterior Class I and Class II Restorations Using Bulk-Fill Composites with Regular Consistency
Chapter 09. Posterior Class II Composite Restorations (Recipe A): Layered Technique
Chapter 10. Posterior Class II Composite Restorations (Recipe B): Bioactive Materials
Chapter 11. Posterior Semi-Direct Composite Restorations
Chapter 12. Posterior Indirect Composite Restorations (Recipe A)
Chapter 13. Posterior Indirect Composite Restorations (Recipe B): CAD/CAM Blocks
Chapter 14. Anterior Class III Composite Restorations
Chapter 15. Anterior Class IV Composite Restorations
Chapter 16. Anterior Class V Composite Restorations
Chapter 17. Tooth Reattachment
Chapter 18. Universal Shade Composites (Recipe A): Anterior Restorations
Chapter 19. Universal Shade Composites (Recipe B): Posterior Restorations
Chapter 20. Esthetic Composite Restorations Using Simplified Composite Systems
Chapter 21. Enamel Hypoplasia
Chapter 22. Black Triangles
Chapter 23. Anterior Diastemas
Chapter 24. Single Diastema Between Central Incisors
Chapter 25. Cosmetic Contouring
Chapter 26. Injectable Flowable Composite Technique

Camila Sobral Sampaio, DDS, MSc, PhD
• DDS, MSc, and PhD in Dental Materials at State University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil)
• Visiting Scholar at New York University (NYU, New York City)
• Professor of Biomaterials at Universidad de los Andes (Santiago, Chile)

Daniel Kenji Funabashi, DDS, MSc
• DDS at Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES, Brazil)
• PG in Operative Dentistry at Brazilian Association of Dentistry (ABO-ES, Brazil)
• MSc in Dental Materials at State University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Rafaelly Cubas Camargo, DDS
• DDS at Federal University of Parana (UFPR, Brazil)
• Assistant in PG of Operative Dentistry at Latin American Institute of Research and Education (ILAPEO, Brazil)

Stephanie Gomes Assunção Alves, DDS
• DDS at Federal University of Parana (UFPR, Brazil)
• PG in Prosthodontics at Federal University of Parana (UFPR, Brazil)
• Assistant in PG of Operative Dentistry at Latin American Institute of Research and Education (ILAPEO, Brazil)


Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Hirata DDS, MS, PhD

Brazil, Curitiba

Prof Ronaldo Hirata, DDS, MS, PhD, finished his DDS at the Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil, before completing a 2-year operative dentistry specialty at the same university. To improve his scientific knowledge, he then finished a master’s degree in dental materials at the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil, with a research thesis working with glass and polyethylene fibers to improve mechanical properties of composites. Following, his PhD in restorative dentistry at the State University of Rio de Janeiro focused on the transmittance, reflectance, and fluorescence of composite resins, Prof Hirata undertook a postdoctoral certificate at New York University (NYU) working with plasma application on dentin surfaces and bonding strength analysis. Now, he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomaterials at NYU with a secondary appointment in the Department of Cariology. Prof Hirata has lectured in more than 40 countries and published more than 100 papers in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. His previous books (TIPS, Artes Medicas, 2014; Shortcuts, Quintessence, 2017) were also published in three languages. Prof Hirata maintains a private practice limited to esthetic dentistry in Curitiba.

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