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Ariel J. Raigrodski

Soft Tissue Management

The Restorative Perspective: Putting Concepts into Practice

1st Edition 2015
Hardcover, 208 pages, 779 illus
Language: English
Categories: Esthetic Dentistry, Implantology, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry

Stock No.: 7421
ISBN 978-0-86715-691-1

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The soft tissue-restorative interface is where the artistry of the dental technician meets the clinical skill of the restorative dentist. The challenge for the clinician lies in managing the soft tissue frame, the essence of restorative dentistry. This compelling clinical monograph outlines how to manage the soft tissue in a practical manner, whether providing patients with tooth-borne or implant-supported restorations. The author provides step-by-step instructions for each stage of therapy so that restorative dentists can understand how to manage the soft tissue frame, minimize trauma, and ensure a healthy and esthetic treatment outcome. Multiple cases are followed throughout the book, with individual chapters focusing on those portions of the case that illustrate the concepts elucidated in the chapter. Employing strict evidence-based principles, the author provides clinical tools for effective soft tissue management that will prevail even as technology in dentistry continues to evolve.

Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts of Periodontal Tissues
Chapter 2. Preparation Design: Minimizing Soft Tissue Trauma
Chapter 3. Therapeutic Provisional Restorations
Chapter 4. Impression Making: A Clinical Perspective
Chapter 5. Accurate Transfer of Soft Tissue Contours to the Dental Laboratory
Chapter 6. Abutment Selection for Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations
Chapter 7. Ceramic Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations
Chapter 8. Delivery Procedures

Matthew R. Anderson • Sami Dogan • Sul-Ki Hong • Motoaki Ishibe • Jae Seon Kim • Robert M. London • Takafumi Otani • Tijana Stijcic • Robert D. Walter


Ariel J. Raigrodski DMD, MS

Ariel J. Raigrodski, DMD, MS, received his DMD degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He went on to receive his certificate in prosthodontics from Louisiane State University School of Dentistry, where he also completed a fellowship in implants and esthetics and an MS degree. Dr Raigrodski is currently a professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry and an adjunct professor in the Department of Washington. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics, a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists and the International College of Dentists, a member of many professional organizations, and a member of several editorial boards for professional journals. Dr Raigrodski's research focuses on ceramics, implant esthetics, and CAD/CAM technology. He has published extensively and lectures both nationally and internationally. Dr Raigrodski maintains a private practice limited to restorative, implant, and esthetic dentistry in Kenmore, Washington.

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