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  • Quintessence Publishing United Kingdom
Andreas Filippi / Sebastian Kühl (Editor)

Tooth-Preserving Surgery

1st Edition 2020
Hardcover, 21,6 x 27,9, 136 pages, 428 illus
Language: English
Categories: Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Surgery, Student literature

Stock No.: 7658
ISBN 978-0-86715-958-5

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Despite all of the advances that have been made in implantology, many patients still want or need to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Tooth-preserving surgery has been performed for hundreds of years, but the last 10 to 15 years have shown a resurgence and a great increase in knowledge regarding these techniques. The aim of this book is to present modern methods of tooth-preserving surgery so clinicians can expand the range of treatments offered in daily practice or to bring them up to date. This volume is not intended as a textbook, but rather as an illustrated atlas and reference work. Each surgical technique is systematically described with indications and contraindications, step-by-step surgical procedure featuring case examples, as well as prognosis and potential complications. Armed with knowledge of methods old and new, clinicians can evaluate whether their patients' teeth—even potentially hopeless teeth—might still be preserved.

Chapter 01. Introduction
Chapter 02. History of Tooth-Preserving Surgery
Chapter 03. Exposure and Alignment
Chapter 04. Apicoectomy
Chapter 05. Intentional Replantation and Transreplantation
Chapter 06. Resective Furcation Therapy, Hemisection, and Root Amputation
Chapter 07. Transplantation
Chapter 08. Success with Tooth-Preserving Surgery

Georg Damerau • Hermann Derks • Andreas Filippi • Adrian Kasaj • Sebastian Kühl • J. Thomas Lambrecht • Frank P. Strietzel

Prof. Dr. Andreas Filippi

Switzerland, Basel

Prof. Dr. Andreas Filippi is a specialist in Oral Surgery. He is the Clinical Director of the Department of Oral Surgery, University Center for Dental Medicine Basel UZB, Switzerland. Since 2006, he has been Founder and Head of the Center of Dental Traumatology Basel, and since 2016, Founder and Head of the Center of Salivary Diagnostics, Hyposalivation and Halitosis Basel.


Prof. Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Kühl

Switzerland, Basel

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kühl is a specialist in Oral Surgery. He is Vice Clinical Director of the Department of Oral Surgery, University Center for Dental Medicine Basel UZB, Switzerland. Since 2018, he has been Founder and Head of the Competence Center for Implantology at the UZB, and President of the Swiss Society for Oral Surgery and Stomatology (SSOS).

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Cover, Filippi/Kühl: Tooth-Preserving Surgery

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